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Survivor: One World – Episode 12 – Kat-nipped

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Written by : published Thursday 3rd May 2012

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Kat was well-liked by the men, but didn’t have much knowledge about the game of Survivor.  She had multiple chances to make some big moves in the game and chose not to.  This Kat didn’t have nine lives.

In case you missed the episode, be sure to get caught up by watching Episode 12 of Survivor: One World, and then be sure to read my weekly Survivor Examiner episode recap before continuing on to this “Bonus Analysis” coverage.

It’s only fitting that a gal named Kat would be the first victim of a cat fight.  The women were going to turn on one another this week… there was no question about it.  With Kim clearly in control of the game up to this point, she had some big decisions to make this week…could she have finally made a misstep?

A revealing scene at the reward dinner showed Kim discussing the game with her sister, who she obviously has no reason to lie to.  Her logic seemed to make sense that a Final 3 against Kat and Alicia seemed to be an easy million.  I was shocked watching that scene because Kim has been shown being incredibly loyal to Chelsea.  This scene showed that Kim is truly a strategic-minded player willing to do anything to win.  Voting out Sabrina seemed to be the smart thing to do for Kim’s game.

But then she voted out Kat.  In doing so, she basically sided with Chelsea and Alicia.  She is not going to suddenly change her mind about Sabrina, and the two are going to bump heads in a major way before the season ends, mark my words.  So what is Kim’s ideal Final 3 now that Kat is gone?

It may not really matter, because the way things are headed, Kim is going to win up against anyone.  Chelsea is a strong player, but notice that she needed to talk to Kim before deciding on what she wanted to do.  Chelsea is not playing an individual game right now.  She is playing Kim’s game.

Tarzan makes a strong candidate to be a dark horse winner, the unlikeliest of winners.  He is not perceived as a threat and currently holds a powerful vote for those who use it.  By reaching the end, Tarzan could win if the guys vote along gender lines.  When will he get cut loose?  Will he get cut loose?

I would be interested to know more about Sabrina’s game as well.  She has been given little strategic air-time recently, and we are in the dark as to her end-game plans.  Does she think she can win against Kim?  If she is hoping to rise up against Kim, then when?  Still with an Idol in her pocket, Kim seems all but guaranteed a spot in the Finale Episode, which by the way is Sunday, May 13th.  In fact, next week’s episode is the final Wednesday episode of the season.

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