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The Cape -Razer -recap

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Written by : published Thursday 3rd March 2011

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Dana and Tripp are caught in the crossfire during a gang raid with gunfire. She accuses an ARK security man as corrupt and inept. The Cape is incensed. He fears for his family. The carnival people, especially the hypnotist, pressure Max to align Faraday with them or get rid of him. Rollo (Martin Klebba) tells Faraday the "real" Cape would have been tossing bodies and taking names after threatening Palm City like that. Max (Keith David) indicates to Faraday that the Cape is important in more ways than one.

Then Fleming meets with Scales to divide effective control of the city. Fleming says the media only cares about the business districts, Scales can have Trolley Park. This is where Max and the circus are. But how can he get the Chinese militia contract if he has gang stuff going on? Scales agrees but notices Fleming (James Frain) having some kind of difficulty. This is because Chess is inside Fleming's head, talking about how he wants to get out. He says Scales isn't afraid of Fleming. But Rollo is found beat up and bloody by Scales for snooping the meet.

To cause mayhem, Scales (Vinnie Jones) imports an unknown bomber called Razor. Faraday looks interested when Rollo mentions nobody knows what he looks like. Then Faraday demands a crash course in bomb making, as Rollo and the dancer catch onto his plan. As the hypnotist tells Max he's leaving, Max mentions someone called Devereaux. The hypnotist Ruvi says he's just trying to pique his interest. The hypnotist and Faraday have had sharp words, with Faraday indicating he might not turn a blind eye to some of the carnival gang's activities. Ruvi doesn't think Faraday has paid his dues or carries his weight.

Max goes to Scales' lair, and tries to intimidate him into listening. Scales admires the flash of the floor show. Max says Scales should be nice to him, he can make people disappear. But Scales draws up a figure from his own past, Poker-Face, an eyeless man working the dock crews. The past between Scales and the carnival crew is once again hinted at.

Orwell (Summer Glau) acts weird, playing computer games, wasting time. Vince notices as she wires him for his next Cape run, she isn't quite herself. Orwell has not posted anything online for long. Rollo points out Vince may be the Cape for his son, but Palm City needs the real Cape. Orwell is shown living in a white room with yellow flowers and a weirdly fixational design reminescent of her dream and the white door. Her inner peace has been shattered.

Meanwhile Fleming has a special session with the psychiatrist (Elliott Gould). Fleming confides in the shrink about Chess intruding on his thoughts. The doctor asks to speak to Chess alone and "summons" him. We see the doctor come back into the room, not sure who he is dealing with and speaking to.

When Peter Fleming comes back to himself, he can't hear Chess anywhere. The doctor pretends Chess is gone, but in reality he asked Chess if he can keep a secret from Peter. The shrink has his own agenda for somethign Chess can do. We see Fleming put on the weird contact lenses and the Chess persona. But was he really hypnotized? At the conclusion of the session, Fleming reminds the doctor that he'll only tell him once, that he be honest with him. (Does this mean Chess did tell Peter what's gone on?)
Ruvi confronts Max alone, back in the van, saying they used to be thieves, what are they now? Max (Keith David) sticks up for Faraday. Vince's righteous cop scenario doesn't play well with the criminals. Just then Faraday comes into the caravan, demanding help for his next action plan. Max catches Ruvi's eye, as if to say he was right. Faraday wants to move on Scales as retaliation for Rollo's attack. He is one of them.

When the Scales driver is bringing Razor from the airport into Palm City, a cab cuts him off. The carnival hypnotist gets out as the driver and blinds the cabby, indicating nothing ever happened. Faraday gets into the backseat, mocking an English/Irish accent. He goes to Scales' hideout. He records a meet between Fleming's contact colecting payment. The Cape has done a lot, and Scale's kickback is light. The go-between lays it all out on webcam Vince records for Orwell.

Thinking Faraday is Razer, Scales puts him to work in a roomful of fertilizer, acids, and chemicals. The Cape even puts paint thinner into the Poker-Face's fake eyeballs.  Scales goes nuts with rage. But Vince slips up, putting the scar on the wrong side of his face. He also doesn't build the bomb, and makes a verbal slip to Scales. Meanwhile the real Razer makes small talk with the acrobat dancer. While imprisoned in the lion cage he tries to charm her, but because of Rollo he doesn't get anywhere.

Vince hides his Cape in a bag, but Scales insists on a sudden meeting downstairs and he has no time to grab it. Scales hides a box on the table with all the crew sitting round. He says who would have a guess what's in that box. He says it's the answer to all our recent setbacks. Inside is a pink layer cake. He gets around to giving Razer (Faraday) a slice, then the real Razer walks in and they all jump Vince. It's a setup. They take him to the showers for waterboarding and the beating of his life.

Questoning Faraday about the Cape, Scales surmises that Faraday himself is the Cape, to which Poker-Face agrees. Back at the carnival, they discover Razer is gone. They debate whether going for Vince is worth everything. Rollo and the dancer won't go, but Ruvi says if he is the Cape then let the Cape decide the play. The destiny power of the Cape will make the call. Max reluctantly agrees. But at the right time in the interrogation, Max turns out the lights and rescues Faraday. Back at the carnival, Faraday tells Max he doesn't forget.

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