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Mad Men episode 7 "At The Codfish Ball" recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 1st May 2012

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Sally talks to her old friend Glenn at Hotchkiss School, while Mrs. Francis trips and breaks her ankle.

Megan and Don entertains Megan’s parents. Julia Ormond stars. Her father Emil makes remarks.

Uncle Arnold died and Roger went to the furniture. They talk about is divorce and LSD. He talks about euphoria and insight. Roger’s ex wife remarks about his marriage to Jane starting and ending. Roger says he lost everything when he lost Lucky Strike. He asks his ex-wife to get meetings with the important people.

Sally and Bobby sit down to dinner, coming from the Francis home. Megan’s mother is an alcoholic and retires. Megan’s father is a doctor. He has a philosophy that puts him at odds with Don, who he aligns with James Bond. Sally and Bobby coming changes the plan. They plan to sightsee and meet with a publisher.

Don is about to get an award for writing the letter about Lucky Strike. Megan’s parents have come to see him get the award. This is from the cigarette people

Peggy hosts a meeting with her art assistant, Ginsburg, and her old reporter boyfriend Abe. Ginsburg talks about marketing bras for Playtex.

Megan comes up with a great idea for Heinz. Don redoes the account using her idea. Peggy reschedules a client meeting when her reporter boyfriend insists on a weeknight meal. Peggy asks the office manager Joan for advice. Joan says when a man insists on a meal he has something on his mind, and hints at a proposal.

Peggy is amazed and flattered. She shows up wearing a beautiful pink dress. Abe says the service is impeccable but he asked them to leave them alone. He wants to move in together. He wants to wake up in the same place, writing, looking at each other, shopping. She says yes.

Don dines the Heinz people and Don finds out other agencies have been courting the account. Megan acts fast. In the ladies’ room Mrs. Heinz stops Megan. Alice says she hopes they can continue to be friends. Megan tips off Don. Raymond hears about Megan’s new idea and they close the account. Don and Megan can’t keep their hands off each other.

Peggy tells Joan about the offer. “Shacking up?” Joan asks.

Next day Megan gets praised for saving the day. But Peggy tells her this is as good as this job gets. “I should be jealous”

Emil gets turned down by his publisher. His graduate student hears him cry. Don watches Megan’s parents fight and make scenes.

Abraham and Katherine have dinner with Peggy. Katherine notes the sea change. She takes the cake she brought home with her, telling Peggy that Abe will use her up and go marry part of his Jewish tribe. Peggy asks her “Do you want me to be alone?" Katharine tells Peggy some things about how her father looked at life.

Meanwhile bachelor Roger shows up at Don’s, saying his doorman wears a bow tie, to which Megan’s mother responds,

“I am surprised, you look like you were born in a bow tie.”

Sally appears dressed up in a new dress and go-goo boots to join the adults. The others enjoy Don‘s moment of surprise. His little girl is growing up.

“Take off the makeup and the boots or you can stay home.”

She says OK, and th whole group goes to the dinner.

When they arrive Pete cuts out the party. Don and Megan get whisked off to the big cheese. The man knows all about the Heinz hijack.

As Roger makes remarks to Sally, Megan’s mother laughs. Roger starts to eye her and the table becomes awkward. Don is proud of Sally but works the room at Roger’s behest. Megan and Emil sit alone and talk.

“Is this your passion? Megan’s father suggests she has more ambition and talent.

“Not tonight, Daddy.”

Sally opens a door and sees Roger getting gratified by Megan’s mother. She recoils in disgust and goes back to the table. She is joined by Don, who has just been told he will never get business from them.

“How can they ever trust you, when you bit the hand?”

When Sally returns home she calls her prep friend Glenn and says the city is dirty.

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