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Supernatural episode 20 "The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo" recap

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Written by : published Monday 30th April 2012

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Bobby struggles with working with Sam and Dean who want him to “sit the pine” because the flask and his powers are to risky. Bobby appears to tell them about the clearing in the farmland which is now being used to build something. Bobby flashes in and out still learning to use his powers.

They learn about the eating program the Leviathans have started and how they plan to cure cancer and diseases so humans grow fat and flabby on their watch for better eating. Dean and Sam find notes from dead Frank about more of this kind of project at the farmland. Dean and Sam’s faces are known to every operative.

Bobby is shocked and angry that his being a dead ghost changes their working deployment. Sam and Dean need to get Franks hard drive back. They use the GPS and realize it is in the heart of the Death Star, Dick Roman Enterprises. But Bobby is determined...

Meanwhile at Dick Roman Enterprises, a young red haired girl arrives for work. She talks to a tiny fairy figure on her desk like they are partners in crime. her cube mate marvels she is such a rock star and he jokes he will be in “the Shire” like a hobbit compared to her wizardry. in the middle of a hack her boss angrily calls her into his office.

Dick Roman is there. He spotlights the young computer programmer with uncanny reprogramming powers. Every word he says has an edge and Charlie cannot tell what he knows she is guilty of.

She is actually a Star was fan who is unearthing secret system programs and hacking the system. She is not sure when she meets Dick that he knows about it. She also brags to her cube mate about sexual trysts with the staff (which result in passwords and deeper hacking).

Dick Roman talks about feeling like he has been on the planet for millenia, etc. Charlie is nervous. He says she is someone who has that “spark”. He says jokingly “You can’t be cloned”. Charlie is very nervous when he gives her three days to deprogram Frank’s drive. She goes back to her cubicle scared to death but starts working.

Meanwhile in the parking lot Dick Roman replaces the boss with one of his goons after a tasty snack break. inside the office, Charlie uses all her powers to break rank;s machine. She s stumped again and again until she does break it but she reads the files and discovers to her horror what Dick Roman really is. Charlie reads fast and gets ill from what data there is.

Charlie reads about the Leviathans gets scared to death. then Sam and Dean appear. They all pour Borax on each other to prove they are human. They say Dick Roman will eat her and her life is forever changed and she cannot give the data the Dick Roman and all her people will die. Sam and Dean like her style.

At her place she uses her computer to find that records are in Dick Roman’s office and she needs to be in contact with his computer or phone to hack his personal file server. Sam and Dean want to know what Dick is doing but they are too well known to move around. Charlie is talented and does not want to be lunch meat for a Leviathan either.

They set up sting where Charlie goes to Roman’s office. The flask for Bobby they tuck in her backpack and she drinks from it, thinking they are affording her Dutch courage.

Dean tasks her through chatting up the security guard, and they learn that women are Charlie’s type. Dean and Sam have to use Harry Potter references and Dean has to give her pickup techniques to get into Roman’ office. Meanwhile the shipment is en route. Charlie works fast to offload Roman’s messages.

At her desk again, Charlie breaks into Dick Roman’s email and finds out he is intent on reclaiming the shipment coming into Downey airport. She tells Sam and Dean by phone. They tell her to get out of there.

At the airport, Roman’s goons get anxious calls about the status of the package. Charlie invents a delay to give Sam and Dean time to et there. Sam and Dean intercept the shipment, which looks like red clay to them. They shrug and haul it off. Dick Roman uses the delay time to come see Charlie.

Sam and Dean work the airport. Meanwhile, Dick Roman has coiled up next to Charlie to determine how she foiled Frank’s drive protections but also how did she do it. Since she did it using key information vital to the Winchester’s, she does not want to. Roman insist she search using “Sam” and “Dean Winchester”. Charlie can’t leave.

“Walk me through it” Dick commands. The ghost of Bobby appears behind them
“Did it just get ten degrees cooler in here?’ Dick asks. Finally Roman gets a call about the package, it has arrived, and he clicks off and moves upstairs. He tells Charlie to stay but she leaves as soon as she can.

But when Dick Roman tries to open the briefcase it is a bottle of Borax attached to a bomb. This goes off in the Dick Roman offices, which he orders shut down just as Charlie is trying to flee. he flashes to the entryway, with Borax burn on his face. Sam and Dean appear to help her, and Roman sees what company she travels in.

The ghost of Bobby is there because Charlie has been tasking swigs from the flak for her nerve all night. Roman laughs and tries to see his attacker. Sam and Dean are surprised that the force bobby used is able to retard Dick. They escape with Charlie who has a broken arm from the force of Bobby’s help.

As they see Charlie off at the bus stop Sam and Dean debate using Bobby and his mad skills further.

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