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Person Of Interest episode 20 "Matsya Nyaya" recap

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Written by : published Monday 30th April 2012

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Fusco is made the bag man by an angry HR honcho, after sweating a perp. Reese starts work on an armored car truck. Tommy tries to guide Reese into the work. Fusco tells Reese the HR are sweating down the street contacts for green. Reese tells him to keep it up even though Carter is getting irritated by Fusco’s dark side.

Reese is shot as the robbery on the armored car goes down, and Tommy is the ring leader. Even though Finch and Reese detailed their backgrounds and Tommy was the number. Reese is shot and watches Charlie shoots the other men and run off.

Renewed memories of Reese’s partner the double cross come into play. Reese flashbacks to his last job when he and his partner were both ordered to kill each other. Agent Snow ordered Cara’s death.

The same man who has been engineering problems for Reese and Finch for some time orders Fusco to collect the robbery spoils. Fusco must act.

When Reese shows up to find the leader with the platinum, he meets Fusco, coming in with gun too. They realize the HR men ordered the platinum robbery. Fusco needs to return to the HR honcho with the platinum and robbery spoil, or else.

Reese comments he picked Fusco for these kinds of things when he organized him as the HR snitch. It makes Fusco sad he is a known compromised officer. Later Fusco looks him in the eye and says “This is why you fingered me to be the HR handler”

Because he was capable of the betrayal and intrigue and dirty dealings. Meanwhile Agent Snow manhandles Carter at work into stopping contact with Reese.

The armored car crew Reese joined was betrayed by the leader, Tommy, whose truck stop girlfriend is also in it with him. Reese is angered by the switcheroo, because it seems the machine is leading them to save the bad guys. The man has a wife and a kid he is running away from.

Even Finch asks at one point, are we really saving these guys? Reese gets a bad taste in his mouth. He flashes back to loyalty and what it has cost him in the past. The story of the job in China and his former partner is revealed. He was never meant to come back. Reese also has a personal loose end he never tied up. Too many broken promises.

Reese meets at the rendezvous, and sees the leader Tommy, who is being used and is shot by his girlfriend. But Reese has a chance to find out why he turned. Tommy says for ten years he has watched other people’s money, and for what? Reese is tied up.

The honcho and Fusco show up to save Reese and get the platinum. Carter is on her way. Fusco averts Reese getting shot by pulling the plug and securing the honcho’s escape. Sirens sound.

Carter ends up busting the robbery and joining forces temporarily with Finch and Reese again. North was trying to shut her down helping Reese.

But when the agents from the task force break into an apartment they suspect to be Reese’s, the are knocked for a loop. Evans is shit and so is Snow. Reese’s former partner enters the frame to conduct a deprogramming on Agent Snow.

(Reese’s last words to her in China before the bomb detonated was that he had also received instructions to end her because she was compromised.)

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