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Person Of Interest episode 19 "Flesh and Blood" recap

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Written by : published Sunday 29th April 2012

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Elias drained his money in his bank accounts. Carter flagged it. Reese comes in late to the office.
A bumper crop of five names popped out of the machine. The heads of the five families are being targeted. They figure Elias is closing in to eliminate the remaining dons.

Finch wants to consider collateral damage. Is saving the dons their real mission? They meet once a month at the Covenant Club and they can’t use cellphone. Finch converts the fire alarm. The dons meet and discuss business.

Carter tracks the wire transfers of the money while Fosco listens in. Carter and her co-workers are bogged down by the immense number of transactions.

Elias feeds the old man. “I never understood your generation and the ridiculous nicknames.”

The old man questions why Elias is holding him and why he is keeping him alive. Elias talks while recalling his past as a young boy coming to Elias to join the five families, and a flashback shows Elias’ loyalty being paid back. As a young teen, Elias was taken to a “Miller’s Crossing” type field for execution. But he evaded his captors and killed them and got away.

“I would hate for you to miss the show. I’m going to unite the families and take control.”

“You think my associates are going to roll over”. Moretti is skeptical.

“I never learned how to share.”

Fosco’s Homeland Security Human Relations contact tells him to call in sick, he doesn’t want to be around for the next couple of days. Caparelli got exploded in his car minutes after he turned down Reese for protection. Reese is somber.

Carter talks to her son. He is having trouble in school. He turns down Carter’s help. In contrast, Elias recalls his mother raising him.

“We are all descended from kings. You gotta be your own man.”

Reese calls Elias. Elias says “See you on the other side.”

Finch says Carter is becoming another problem. Reese asks Finch to track her.

“You know I have ever had an idea how to use a telephone”.

“I need her location. Now. “

Carter leads one of the dons unprotected down the street while he gets shot. She shoots the person about to gun her down. But another bullet gets there first.

“You really should return your calls, detective.” Reese walks out of the shadows.

Elias has more flashbacks.

“My mother was Marlene Elias.” Moretti is weary of the old news.

“What are you doing here kid?. A chance to learn from the best. I want to prove myself.”

Carter tells Reese at a diner when the sit down for coffee that the FBI has a new task force to trap him.

Finch follows up about Don Vasile. She talks about the money transfer to cash and carry hubs.
Reese says they can track down the men on Elias’ payroll. Reese gives Carter a gun he suggests she not ask the origin of.

Fosco sees the extra ordnance Reese gave Carter. She tells him he’s the only cop she can trust anymore. Finch says the H. R. participants are the who’s who of the U. S. penal system.
Finch says they are not above threatening families. Reese sees the H.R. families are being followed.

Carter and Fosco kidnap one of the dons and saves them. The attack is foiled. Finch calls with the security code and location of a safe house. They go there. Elias meanwhile plays solitaire and has more recollections of his mother.

One of the men takes Carter son out of school under the bogus story she was involved in an accident. Finch calls Taylor and tells him to stay at the school. But Taylor is being taken by an H.R. . man. Carter’s son balks. Finch guns down the street man and watches the van drive away. They have Taylor.

Then Reese calls Carter to tell her that Taylor is involved and has been taken. She panics. Then Elias calls Carter and tells her what the dons do to earn their money. Who is more important to save?

“Things will be much better under your watch, right? Carter replies.

Elias says he is the force of organized crime.

“You are a force of corruption and weakness. My answer is no.” Carter stands firm.

He wants to trade Taylor for the dons. “How can I make that choice? .Carter asks.

“I will get your son back whatever the cost. I won’t let nobody hurt him” Reese promises Carter.

“Promise me”, Carter says “I promise” Reese answers. Reese calls Finch.

“I’m a step ahead of you. We’ll have to make a deal with the devil. Elias isn’t the only fallen angel in our rolodex, Mr. Reese.

One of the Don’s men talks to Carter. He says Fosco was on the take. Flashbacks show Elias’ attempt to join the mob as a teenager being met with a murder attempt.

As Elias and his goons try to get into Carter’s fortress, Finch shows up at the diner where the H.R. man is having lunch. Finch shows him photos of Elias’ men closing down on his own family and orders the H.R. connection with Elias broken.

Carter gets the dons to safety, and Taylor is saved, while Elias fails due to Reese’s intervention and the falloff in HR support.

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