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The Mentalist episode 21 "Ruby Slippers" recap

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Written by : published Saturday 28th April 2012

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Jane inspects the driver handcuffed to the driver’s seat and steering wheel . Jane and Lisbon go inside the nearest door. It is a back stage door to a drag queen club. Archie Bloom, the father of the young gay man, says he kicked his son out of the house for quitting school. The squad finds a hidden DVD of the father handcuffing the son to a chair to do his homework. Bloom Junior is the victim.

The gang responds to the rejection the young gay man suffered. They see a two year old video of the boy being handcuffed to his desk in his bedroom by his father. The drag diva comes to the station to ID the man in the alley he saw light the car on fire. Lisbon watches him. Jane sees the main drag diva wave to Risgby. They meet in the bathroom. The gay man observes flirtatious mannerisms.

Cho shakes the bully at the discount store out of the dumpster. He taunted the dead man. He dislikes his methods. His locker at work yields hidden surprises including pictures from a discount camera. Cho gets a call from Summer who wants him to stop what he is doing and come get a puppy. She shows up at the station house where Lisbon sees them together.

Glenda is wearing enough perfume for it to rub off on Lisbon. Jane notices something. He pursues an idea and questions the women/men at the club. The main diva has taught each of them something about self-preservation. Jane is friendly to the drag queens.

Cho visits a by-th- hour boarding place and bookstore. The owner is a sleazy predator named Gabriel. He gave the dead young man rooms but at a cost. Cho is skeptical, and the owner he keeps quoting Kerouac.

But Cho’s informant girlfriend Summer shows up a the station house despite his warning and insists he get a dog to please her. He asks if she wants to give up the relationship and she says no, she wants her money.

Bloom worked at a discount store and was getting bullied. Cho and Rigsby research the gay bullying. Rigsby finds a camera in his work locker and gets the film developed.

Jane shadows the top diva in the drag queen act. Funeral cosmetologist is what Glen does. Jane discovers he is frightened of being found out by a criminal who will make him the next target, he is lying to him about the crime scene. Jane cites his theatrical mannerisms.

Cho investigates the homeless place where Bloom Junior stayed. The counselor their fills him in on how Gabriel the bookshop owner preys on young homeless gay men and Bloom got sucked into a pattern of abuse.

Jane takes the drag queen into the room full of suspects. She could not identify any of them as the man who burnt the young man in th car. Lisbon is angry because the legal case for each is tainted. Jane shames Gabriel the predator and the rejecting father and the store bully. Jane shames each of them as being partially responsible for the death.

Lisbon is aghast all their suspects now have legal out clauses. Jane takes Lisbon and returns to the back stage with flowers. He calls upon Fifi Rex, AKA. phoenix from the ashes. This is the so-called dead boy. Jane identifies Bloom Junior under all Fifi’s makeup.

The funeral home drag queen got a body from the general population. All the drag queens helped the body into the car and Bloom is now free, fleeing into the identity of the drag queen and beginning a new life. Jane says the moves of the dead man were someone moving on, not putting a stop to their life.

They want to know what the police will do and Jane challenges Lisbon, “Yes what will we do?"
Lisbon with a funny expression (redemption via transformative change being the issue) enjoys the show.

Fif sings “Over the Rainbow” while Jane and Lisbon watch.

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