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Survivor: One World Episode 11 - Slip sliding away

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Written by : published Thursday 26th April 2012

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It’s hard to complain about an episode that featured Chelsea, Kim, Kat and the other women oiling themselves up and flailing their bodies all over a greased-up surface.  But here it goes.

In case you missed the episode, be sure to get caught up by watching Episode 11 of Survivor: One World, and then be sure to read my weekly Survivor Examiner episode recap before continuing on to this “Bonus Analysis” coverage.

Ultimately, tonight’s episode served as another typical “down-the-stretch” episode of Survivor, where we all knew who was going home long before Tribal Council.  As a viewer, it is frustrating not to see “big moves” each and every week, and it is always disappointing when the underdog ends up failing in the end.

But in a game for a million dollars, constant blindsides are not vital.  If you were in the game and in power, and could get to the end without having to make bold moves, you may choose to go along with things too.  I am personally sad to see Troyzan go, but just because I was rooting for him doesn’t make it a bad decision to vote him out.

And though I would have loved to see Troyzan make a miraculous Ozzy-like run, he was a threat to every single player left in the game.  The jury has four male voters already in its ranks, and had Troyzan made a crazy-impossible run to the Final 3, he would have won against anybody.  So why not take him out, especially when he has shown that he can win Immunity Challenges?  If not now, you may never get another chance.

So for Kat, although she feels like a follower, another way to look at it would be to say that she hasn’t had to get any blood on her hands.  She just may be able to make it to the end when the big guns like Kim and Sabrina start targeting one another.  The women have now forced a situation where it won’t be pretty no matter which way the chips fall – there will most definitely be blindsides and cut throats galore over the course of the final few episodes.  If Kat sits next to players covered in blood in the end, wouldn’t she be the probable winner in the face of a bitter jury?

It recently hit me that Kat has been given a very Fabio-esque edit this season.  Fabio, you’ll remember, was the aloof and humorous – and seemingly harmless – winner of Survivor: Nicaragua.  As that season progressed, nobody thought he could win, even up until the very end.  And then he won.  Could Kat be on the same trajectory?

As far as the others go, it looks clear from next week’s preview that Tarzan is being kept along as a goat, and that next week will be the official start to the girl on girl violence.  Kim has been painted with such a target on her back now as the “puppet master,” she will need to really be on her game in order to make it to the Final 3 with enough love to gain jury votes.

If we are to believe the previews, Sabrina could actually be the next one to go, and it would be a wise move.  Alicia appears to be a bit higher up the food chain than we might have expected a few episodes back, and I think that the foursome of Kim, Chelsea, Kat and Alicia could be in the best position to take control of the game.  If Sabrina were to go next, the four could then vote out Christina, or if she happened to stumble upon Immunity, they could then go for Tarzan.  Either way, a Kim, Kat, Chelsea, Alicia Final 4 scenario seems to be something that they would all be in favor of.

Kim probably feels she could win against anybody, but would take Chelsea out of loyalty, and either Kat or Alicia as a goat.  Chelsea revealed her big heart when Jay was voted out of the game, so I find it unlikely that she would turn on Kim at any point, even though it may be in her best interest not to take Kim to the end.  Alicia, Christina and Tarzan just seem too unlikeable to win in the end, and with Christina’s name coming up as “least deserving to still be here,” there is probably consensus amongst the others to not allow her to make it all the way to the end.

So laugh it up, but things are shaping up slowly in Kat’s favor.  Troyzan may have gotten in her head, but ultimately Kat made the best decision for her game by voting him out when she had the chance.

Of course, the future will determine whether or not this is true.

So simply put, what does each player have to do to win?

Chelsea – Will need to make a decision with her brain and not her heart, and will have to get rid of Kim at some point to have a real chance at winning the game.  I don’t think she’ll do it.

Kim – She may maneuver her way to the Final 3, but can she win?  It would take a miracle in the form of an un-bitter jury for her to win in the end.  That, or she’ll have to part ways with Chelsea and put herself up against the likes of Alicia and Tarzan, making her the only real pick of the jury in that scenario.

Tarzan – There is an outside chance that Tarzan could win Survivor.  There I said it.  The five current jury members already have a majority, and if they band together to vote for the only remaining man, Tarzan will have won…if he can just last long enough.

Christina – I don’t see any scenario that Christina could win Survivor, and I find it highly unlikely that she’ll make the Final 3.

Alicia – Same goes for Alicia in that I don’t see a scenario where she wins.  However, she can very well make the Final 3 if she sticks with her alliance.

Kat – Next week will be big in determining Kat’s fate.  If she can get Sabrina out next, she will be in a good position to ride things out to Final 4, where an Immunity Challenge may be the only thing standing in her way of a million dollars.

Sabrina – If Sabrina can somehow turn the tables and vote out Kim and Chelsea, Sabrina can most definitely win it all in the end.  She faces an uphill battle though, in that she is the biggest threat for most of the other players.  She’ll need to convince them that Kim is the one in need of blindsiding.

So what do you think?  Do you agree or disagree with my assessments?  Post your comments below!

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