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Chopped episode 3 "Saying Sayonara" recap

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Written by : published Thursday 26th April 2012

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Van Dao from the Bay area of biscuit fame. The Underdog always wins. Minnesota boy Ryan. Chef Helen Park. A Very Competitive executive chef. Chef Ronnie Vincent of Miami. A former football player, who says his mother walked out on them’. His father said they had to learn to take care of themselves.

Appetizer basket: Izote flowers, smoke butter rhubarb, a chicken in a can.

Ronnie pans a chicken salad. Van Dao turns up his nose a canned chicken. He also plans a crunchy rhubarb salad. Chef Park plans creamy chicken soup. Ryan plans a dish.

Ronnie works hard at combining ingredients narrating about his father. Chef Park really wants to win. Van Dao sauteed some radicchio and Izote flower in the smoked butter.

Judges: Cris Santos, Amanda Freitag, and Scott Conant.

All the chefs work intensely until Chef Park’s cream boils over and something else goes wrong. The judges watch. Chef Park has a fire on her station but she coolly proceeds. Ryan panics due to time.

Crispy canned chicken salad from Ryan. There are bones. The texture of the chicken is good. Chef Park presents cream of chicken soup. There are bones. Amanda wants to know about the fire. Vinnie serves up his dish. Freitag says there is a smoky peppery of flavor. She got a bone. The presentation was too simple and he says he was too afraid of the clock.

Van Dao says they are part of the bone club. Van Dao is chopped.


Basket Ingredients: Astronaut Ice Cream, Pork, Yellow Miso, Mountain Yam

Chef Park says the ice cream is not meant to be eaten. Ryan Goergen says the mountain yam is resisting. It is slimy. He does not know what to do with it. He thinks about a puree. But he skips using the braising liquid because it is too salty.

Vinnie turns up the heat and the pan gets too hot and gets on fire. He likes the astronaut ice cream mix and thinks about it like candy and starts making a sauce. Chef Park brings out some ingredients and Judge Freitag loves the lemongrass and apple. Frietag says she didn’t even know they had that in this kitchen.

Vinnie uses sour cream into smashed yam. Freitag like what Chef Park is doing. Vinnie looks over and sees his pork is still raw. He asks Chef Park to use her oven. The time elapses with a breath of panicked chefs exhaling at the end. All the chefs tell each other

“Don’t look at mine”.

Ryan leaves the ice cream mix intact. Chef Park presents her dish and likes the miso salad. Vinnie serves a coconut miso and smashed mountain yam. The judges talk abut Chef Park letting Vinnie using her grill. It is commented as something you would get in a cafeteria line. Chef Park suggests some stress relieving arm wresting.

Ryan is Chopped.


Basket Ingredients: Yogurt, marionberry preserves, grits,

Chef Park makes a roulade. Then Chef Vinnie makes creamy grits with marionberry sauce yogurt and rum whipped cream.

Vinnie says he was nervous about Chef Park from the beginning. Chef Park says nobody cares about the wrapping on the present and that his heart shows in what he is cooking.

The judges debate the previous dishes from each chef.

Chef Ronnie was chopped. The judges say his development of flavors in earlier courses but his later courses did not embrace it the way you could have”.

On his exit he says his father would have been proud of him.

The judges: Scott says she really brought it they had to give it to her. Freitag says that she has no problem with presentation and flavors. She is a perfectionist. Chef Park smilingly agrees.

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