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Chopped episode 2 "Canned Cheese, Please" recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 25th April 2012

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Judges:Cris Santos, Aaron Sanchez, Amanda Freitag

Competitors: Kyle Ricks from New Orleans, of Landmarc. Danielle Saunders is a private chef who has worked for P. Diddy. She talks about her family a lot. She calls her style of cooking soul fusion.

Monica Langousky exec chef and co-owner private chef company. Her friend is a cancer survivor and she has a shaved head. Chef Billy Brigsten Bright Green point Brooklyn but hails from New Orleans in his soul.


Basket ingredients: Andouille sausage, Jalapeno peppers, canned cheese, lychees in syrup.

Billy Bright goes the way of jambalaya but worries his rice will not cook right. Danielle does a big potato dish she did years ago. Monica works an idea. Aaron worries when he makes the spice flavors out of the jalapeno. Billy’s rice is undercooked.

Monica has a potato onion hash. It is comfort food. They say her portion is too big. She cooks for 100 mammograms. She shaved her head to represent. Kyle has a red chili fromage. Freitag says the sweetness works very well. Sanchez says it is overwhelmingly salty.

Danielle serves her soup. the jalapeno taste is missing. Then Chef Billy serves his jambalaya-manque. Danielle is confident she will not go home.

But Billy is chopped because his rice is undercooked. But Aaron Sanchez cites his proper technique of cooking the peppers. Billy Brigsten says he can;t go back to New Orleans for getting chopped for undercooked rice. He says that he hopes his mother never fins out.


Basket Ingredients: Elk, Buckwheat Groats, Jews Mallow, Hard Cider

Danielle does a dry spice rub. Kyle does a risotto and uses gloves. Freitag says she enjoys watching Kyle work. He says he has butchered in many restaurants. Whole hulled buckwheat seeds are what the groats are, says host Ted Allen.

Danielle debates he slime factor of the Jews mallow. Sanchez says it is a African type of spinach. Monica cooks her elk but leaves it whole, delivering uneven cooking result. She puts herself under pressure because as she counts her technique as lives to be saved.

Monica notices he Jews Mallow is slimy and Kyle says it is viscous. Monica puts her meat back in to cook as Danielle removes her to rest. Kyle says he is good. But Kyle is throwing sauce on his plate as the clock winds down. Monica is too short of time.

Danielle says all the dishes are similar. She made a wilted Jews Mallow. Danielle says she had a pretend Chopped the night before with her family. Monica says she couldn’t get the sauce on the plate. She tells the judges in presentation she feels the weight of the world is on her.

Monica’s braised Jews Mallow is likewise served over groats. The judges like the seasoning on the groats and the meat. Amanda got a rare piece and the third piece was unevenly cooked. Monica did not get her sauce on the plate.

The judges say Danielle and Kyle plated so safely they barely seasoned at all. Sanchez like the coffee in Kyle’s dish.

Monica blurts out in front of the judges:
“I don’t want to let anyone down. I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders”.

In the kitchen she says that she would not be surprised if her dish was up for being chopped.

Chef Monica is chopped.

Basket Ingredients: Strawberry popsicles, blue corn chips, condensed milk, celery

Kyle goes for the ice cream machine. Danielle starts a bread pudding. The judges wonder if she can cook it in time. Danielle steals the milk from Kyle.

The chiffonade will work but Danielle does not know what to do with it. Kyle elevates his blue corn chips with sugar and made crunchy blue corn sugar chips. The judges are not sure she has time enough to cook the bread pudding either. Danielle watches the oven.

“When you cook with love sometimes you can eyeball it”

Kyle is happy with his ice cream and he is clueless about the celery. During presentation Danielle talks about her family again. Kyle says in voice over he has good things going on with his family, too, but that is not for TV.

The judges debate creativity over taste. They feel Danielle’s dishes taste better but Kyle showed more creativity. Danielle says she served it in a ramekin to make the pudding set. Presentation the is judged.

The judge Freitag says she thinks it is the best strawberry ice creams she has had in a long time. Chris says the candied tortilla is good but the candied celery is a wild card. Kyle gets good marks. Sanchez says her food spoke volumes.

In the back room, Danielle doesn’t give an inch when Kyle complements her. Freitag says of Kyle’s work the white wine in the celery did not work.

They give up the desserts on a tie and evaluate the earlier dishes. Creatively they lean towards Kyle but on taste they go for Danielle.

Chef Kyle is chopped. This mean Chef Danielle is the winner.

He says on exit “She tells a good story.” Danielle thanks the people who helped her et to the place she is now.

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