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Gossip Girl episode 21 "Despicable B" recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 25th April 2012

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Media attention places Blair below Dan. Blair tries to hawk her leftover accessories collection. Lola learns of her father’s identity but Serena sees them having breakfast. Lola tells Nate abut spending the morning with her father, and Serena stops by and hears about it. Nate realizes Diana’s claim to be Chuck’s mother may not have been fake after all.

Lily and Rufus are on the outs. Lily wants him at the apartment for a party. But Rufus kicks her out because they are not on a basis of equality. Meanwhile Blair vows to become queen of the highbrow crowd.

Lily gets scrutinized by an old school society reporter. She plans a dinner to throw him off. But when Serena tells Lily about Lola’s parenthood she tells her daughter to paste on her best smile and pose until the reporter leaves. Then she makes a call about a partnership.

Dan tells Blair he is nominated by the Young Lions literary society honor. She is intimidated. He gives Rufus advice abut giving Lily a chance. Dorota catches Blair planning on stealing Dan’s spotlight by wearing a beautiful flashy dress. When they get there Dan is the star. Blair works the room.

When Rufus calls Lily later she tells him the party has been canceled. He is at point non plus. And the fake Lola is there at Lily's to talk about the partnership. Lily suggests a plan.

Nate finds out there is no record of Diana Payne until three years ago. Nate goes to the Empire and goes through her room. While he is searching she comes in. She asks what he is doing and he pretends to fall for her inescapable allure. They fall into bed.

The New York Social Diary reporter gets the royal treatment from Lily. The players assemble and Serena is rattled. At the book party a writer presents Dan to speak. But he is elbowed aside by Blair. She announces a donation to the Young Lions “anonymously”. The highbrow audience is silent.

Then at the Rhodes dinner table Lily announces the baby. Caroline tries to leave. Cops show up. Lily arrests Caroline, her sister, for fraud. Ivy gets a deal. Serena and Lola stare, open-mouthed.

Dan calls out Blair for stealing the spotlight. She says we are not equal. Dan says she is too focused on how others see her.

Serena goes stalking off. Her father rushes after her. She says he left when she was four. And then when she tracked him down he avoided her, and now he is running after Lola.

Rufus comes by the apartment after reading about Caroline’s arrest. He sees she is turning into CeCe. Lily says nobody on the Upper East Side will take care of him like she has.

“Spoken like a true Rhodes”. Lily asks Rufus if he wants a divorce. Rufus says she has cemented his decision to spend time apart.

Chuck comes back. Nate shows him the picture. Chuck wonders if the tattoo is meaningful. The man in that photo is Jack. Chuck thinks Jack Bass is his father.

Lola’s father tries to get Caroline’s power of attorney and get her the best attorney money can buy. Caroline signs over her fortune. In the limo, he tells Lily he is bringing it to her. Then he hangs up and orders his driver to JFK.

Lily pays off Ivy and gets rid of her. Ivy begs for a chance to be part of their family. Ivy tears up the check.

Serena tells Lola to stay away from her and her family. But Lola sees and pockets the Gossip Girl password.

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