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House episode 18 "Body and Soul" recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 24th April 2012

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A young boy with sudden acute sleep disorder is rushed in. The gestalt is a Mong disorder where only a hundred men in the 1980‘s died in their sleep. House sets the case studies on the team to look over.

Park and Taub go to the boy’s home to look over the situation. The grandfather sets up a candlelit luau on the bedroom floor to stop his problem. There are cultural and ethnicity issues.

Park has a sex dream about Chase and House has a sex dream about Domenika. Chase says it was natural because the projects and the house they shared make it natural. Park asks if Chase ever had a sex dream about her.

House consults Wilson because he dreamed about Domenika. Wilson says the floss in his dream suggests imprisonment because the INS notification has not been shared.

“Tell her the truth and leave me alone” says Wilson.

The grandfather says the boy had his soul stolen. The father of the boy is in prison, the same thing happened to him, and he beat his boss to death but the young boy does not know anything about it.

Taub suggests perdiocarditis. They do tests for his abdominal distress. Domenika eats Chinese food while House gives her the INS notification. House says that he called and it will be finalized in a couple of weeks.

The boy says it it too late. He does not speak Mong. The grandfather is saying the young boy is possessed. Rasmussen’s encephalitis is what Master suggests. House talks in Mong through a translator.

The grandfather says his son and his grandson did not speak in tongues. He does not want to watch it happen again. The bad dreams coming started it all.

Park confesses another dream about Taub. Taub says they make a cute pair. “Don’t let him screw it up”.

House takes Domenika to the shooting range and teaches her how to shot a gun. She is a crack shot. She asks what is happening to boy with demons. She read his quantum physics book while in the bathroom. House is amused. She asks how he can believe in dark mater but not dark spirits.

In the child’s room, the grandfather speaks to his grandson. “Doctor says the brain is sick.”

Grandfather says “They are not looking in the right place.”

He has angered the ancestors by ignoring them."Close your eyes and we will ask for forgiveness together.” The boy closes his eyes. “The evil spirits are in the air and the only way to stop them is by stopping the air.” The grandfather tries to smother him. ‘You have to be brave this will help you, I know it will. The grandfather continues to smother him.

Taub comes in and can't wake him up. He says it was real he grabbed by the neck.

Taub sees bruises on his neck that were not there before. Rationally House says the boy caused his own bruises. Physical manifestations are possibly real, and House chases Park and Masters says he conveys illusory relevance. House considers liver failure.

The boy’s mother discusses whether or not the dreams can be real. Park is tasked by Masters about not meeting his eyes. But Masters has a sex dream about Park. Then Taub, the mother, and Masters sees the boy levitating in his bed as his grandfather stands by and watches. They rush to check it out.

House does not want the calling ceremony. The mother gets a lawyer to do the exorcism. The grandfather does the ceremony while Masters gives the boy ibuprofen.

House gets home and finds Domenika crying. He says “I should have told you". But this is about her aunt in a nursing home. She asks if he was going out. He says “I could stay”.

They conclude a coronary bypass. Adams talks with the mother about the risk. He orders the doctors to only follow their advice that is an order and leaves. He goes home to Domenika who gets in bed with him and starts kissing him. She says she is consoling her husband after a hard day’s work. Then the INS office calls and say they have left her multiple notifications.

House is angry they throw in the towel. He gets to the hospital to his office. Wilson is there. House says she was fun and hot and fixed his blender. Does he know a cheap fake divorce lawyer. Wilson says he has stage two cancer.

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