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Mad Men episode 6 "Far Away Places" recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 24th April 2012

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The big Heinz presentation for comes and Peggy is in charge. Peggy sleeps with Ginsburg who resents her mind being on Heinz. Don says he has to do the Howard Johnson's trip. He takes Megan so Peggy is minus both Don and Megan for the Heinz meeting.

The Heinz decision Megan fences his approval with Peggy. "Home is where the Heinz is". She throws a tantrum and Cosgrove can’t calm the client down. The man leaves and Pete tells Peggy she is off the business.

Peggy goes to the movies. She does marijuana and does a hand job on a man she meets there.

She comes back to see Ginsburg with his father arguing. She falls asleep in Don’ s office. The secretary Dawn wakes her up at night. Don wants to know if anyone called. Then he says he has to go.

Ginsburg says he is not his real father. He says he is from Mars. Later at night Peggy calls Ginsburg to come up. Peggy repeats Ginsburg’s words of alienation and loss from earlier in the day.

“Come up here”
“You need me huh”
“I always need you?”

Sterling sneaks alcohol from Don’s office. He comes in and Roger suggests a trip to Lake Placid at the Howard Johnson’s. He wants a party weekend anonymously near Montreal away from the wives. Don wants to take Megan. He say Sterling can bring Jane.

Chagrined, Roger watches a happy Don twirl Megan out the door on the way home. Sterling then lives down a night with his wife. They are standing in an elevator where everything he says is wrong and Jane jumps down his throat. They sit down to dinner taking metaphysical ramblings.

Jane insists Roger do LSD with her. Roger bends to the pressure. Other couples also are nervous and leave. This is an experience of self fulfilling prophecy. Roger then hears music only when he ens a bottle of alcohol. The Tibetan Book of the dead comes up in conversation.

Then music plays when he smokes. The Beach Boys play in Roger’s head, and the doctor says everything is OK.

Don is in the mirror. He speaks to Roger, and says “ Go to Your wife”.

“I guess I wasn’t made for these times” the Beach Boys sing. Roger sees Cooper on the money. Then Roger is in the bubble bath with his wife. Jane watches Roger see the 1919 World Series in his head. Roger and Jane come down and she says that her shrink is just waiting for her to say their marriage is over.

Jane says to Roger ‘You don’t like me”

“I did. I really did." Roger says. Next day, Roger gets up and tells her she is beautiful. They both agree last night was beautiful. He says he will check into a hotel. She says “What are you talking about?”

She says “Are you leaving me?” Roger reminds her this is better than lawyers screaming.

“Its going to be very expensive”.

“I know” Roger kisses her goodbye, and then flashes back to the time when Don left his office after blowing off Sterlings’ offer. He tells Megan they are in for a treat. Don does not care about how Heinz went. Megan coughs when Don smokes and feels guilty about leaving Peggy.

They get to the Howard Johnson’s. Don gets an orange back scratcher. Megan wants pie but Don order orange sherbet.

“It tastes like perfume to me. Get I get a scoop of chocolate”. Don asks if she is trying to embarrass him. Th she starts eating it orange sherbet, pretending to love it. Don tries to work and then Megan rebels. Don goes outside and orders her into the car.

The argue because she doesn’t like the ice cream and then he walks away.

She says why don’t call your mother? (She is dead). She says she doesn’t know when she is his wife and when she is not working.

Don drives away and she shouts ”Eat this say that, yes master.” Don gets in the car. “Don’t you dare drive away I am talking to you!”

Don drives fast and lights a cigarette. But when he comes back she is gone. Don gets a room key and stays until dark. He places a call to Peggy, who does not understand why he ignores her news about Heinz. Dale gives him a room key.

He calls Megan’s mother. He pretends to want to know what Megan’s allergy to jewelry is and to not ruin the surprise. The waitress tells Don not to get upset couples fight all the time. He gets woken by a state trooper who says he can’t sleep in the diner. Don says his wife has been missing for almost seven hours. It is almost 2 a.m.

Don finds Megan at home where she refuses to let him in. They chase each other around and collapse on the floor. Megan is scared about their fights. Do arrives back at work, where their false smiles hide their conflicts. They put on false faces and walk through the office, play-acting their way. At his desk, Don gets a package of artwork from Dawn that needs to be redone.

Don comes into the conference room and asks Cooper what s wrong with the bra ad. "You've been on love leave" Cooper says. He is told by Cooper he is in a love daze and it is amazing the agency hasn’t collapsed he has been doing so little. Don says it is none of his business. Cooper says this is his business. Don is dazed and looks around as Peggy and her group walks by.

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