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The Good Wife episode 21 "The Penalty Box" recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 24th April 2012

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Alicia is hired to defend a judge whose innocent man has been released due to recent DNA evidence proving the jailed man innocent. The judge (David Paymer) is very stuffy and insists on doing things according to his ego. Diane, Kalinda and Alicia work with him he gets a judge who is very down home and the judge contains his chagrin.

Lamont Bishop comes in for a meeting and Will garners the troops but Lamont wants to speak with Alicia and Kalinda and kicks Will out of the meeting. Diane and Will conduct interviews and Eli tries to get Howard the third partner to make a move against Diane.

Cary applies for a job at the from and Eli tells Peter Florrick before Cary is halfway to the elevator. Will doesn’t want Cary at the from because to much of his work is untouchable because of confidentiality. Peter fires Cary the minute he gets back with one months severance

Bishop tells Kalinda pointedly that the FBI lady came to see him about her. Alicia tells the FB woman that Bishop was charged as an error. But the night before Kalinda went to her apartment and told her pursuing Bishop would get her killed. The FBI woman said it was just her job.

“You tell Kalinda this isn’t over” and the FBI lady leaves.

Will is involved sexually with Callie and tells Diane, who is angry he can’t keep his zipper zipped. Callie thought Will organized the interview but he knew nothing about it. When she told him he got out of bed and started to get dressed.

He did not know she was interviewing and Diane reminds him it was only because he wouldn’t hire ’t Cary. They see Diane talking to Eli. Will said it will work out.

Kalinda researches Terry Rooney’s credit card. The evidence was twenty years ago. Judge Questa says he might have missed the evidence. Diane says he was focusing on the evidence that helped his case and farmed out the evidence that did not support his theory Rooney was guilty. Questa does not like pointing the finger elsewhere to get off.

Kalinda goes to see his old evidence assistant. She makes strange remarks to Kalinda.

“Did Bishop bend rules to get a judgment." Kalinda asks.

“Questa was a true public servant. come hell or high water"

“Did Hell or high water ever come?” Kalinda asks.

Cary Agos gets a big offer from Diane. He accepts. Will declares a clean slate. He is put Cary in an office to listen to Howard ramble. Howard declares he wants a slush fund t get clients laid.

The assistant ASA the stand has an addiction to drugs in 1992. Judge Questa has to confess that his assistant was addicted to methocodone.

Cary over drinks declares Alicia got the judge out of the penalty box. Cary says he hasn’t learned a thing in two years. Cary gets a call from Peter and then steps away, and Kalinda stands awkwardly nearby. After a moment Alicia acts open to her coming over for a drink.

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