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Kitchen Nightmares episode 17 "Zacalo" recap

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Written by : published Monday 23rd April 2012

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Gordon comes to a Chicago restaurant called “Zocaro”. A husband and wife cook and run the restaurant. The husband met the wife working many years ago. But after owning the restaurant he has three quarters of a million dollars in debt. The wife constantly harasses him at the cook pass but works only three days a week. The husband works every day and night.

They discuss the debt incurred and how Maria, the wife threaten to go back to Mexico if Greg can’t support the family. Gordon talks to Maria about the condition of the kitchen. She says the kitchen is a place she would not work in. Greg and Mary Russell’s marriage seems to be on the brink. Gordon says they use the microwave too much. It changed the quality and texture of the food.

Gordon surveys that the food is good but the prices are high. He observes the husband and wife are on the point of acrimony all day and night in the restaurant. He works with them to develop why the lack of success with the pricing and the food so bad. The daughters tell Gordon the restaurant has changed the parents. They do not act married anymore.

Gordon talks about the business with Greg. He sets up a hidden camera to get the wife and the daughters talk about how much risk the father is holding together on is head all day. The husband Greg watches from a closed circuit room. The women do not know he is watching. They talk about how Greg stresses himself out stubbornly trying to do everything himself.

The daughters tell Gordon the don’t eat at the restaurant because it is too expensive. Greg in service refuses to delegate anything to the second line cook. Maria announces meals regardless of whether he can keep up. But then Gordon installs a new stove and put in a new point of sale service with tablets and wireless credit card equipment.

The staff is thrilled and then Gordon changes the new meals. The new dishes are simpler, cheaper and much easier to fix. They try a new service. At first Maria is very bitchy but she settles down and works well with Greg. Gordon gets two line cooks from nearby Drexel University as a apprentice program. They support Greg in his approach to fulfilling orders.

Gordon sees the restaurant improve and leaves feeling happy the Russell marriage is intact and also has the restaurant the workings of the place are back in line.

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