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Chopped episode 10 "All Stars: Prime Time vs. Day Time" recap

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Written by : published Monday 23rd April 2012

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Round One - Entrée

Basket Ingredients: Chicken feet, pancake mix, bluefoot mushrooms, and Arti has spongy pancakes. She won the Food Network next star. She incorporates the Indian influences. But the aromatics whole were detected in the dish. Keegan has excellent food but served burned pancakes. He took the nails off. Marcela worked a good pancake with cinnamon and her Mexican culture shows.

Chef Jeff is the only one who did not make a pancake, very obvious with the pancake mix.

Chef Jeff made Thai chicken soup. The texture is praised. Aaron likes it but the chicken fingernails are left on. “I need a pedicure.”

Chef Keeganis chopped for the burnt pancakes.

Round Two - Entrée

Basket ingredients: Marachino cherries, peas in the pod, parsley root and tripe.

Marcela immediately soaks it in milk to get rid of the gaminess. She plans on a tostada. Chef Aaron remarks tripe needs to be soaked in milk.

Arti soaks the tripe in yogurt. She plans a creamy tomato sauce with aromatic spices-tripe tikka masala. Tripe taco is what chef Jeff goes for because the fat can handle the spices.

The judges note the flavor profiles of the cooks are intense. The judges notice nobody is cooking tripe yet. Arti burns her tripe. Arti’s dish needs rice and she makes it barely in time. The rice barely cooked. Marsela’s portion size is very small. Chef Jeff works the tostada.

All the chefs plate late. The judges taste and debate.

Chef Arti is chopped.

Round Three - Dessert

Basket Ingredients: Ostrich Eggs , plantains, Dried Strawberries, Galangal Ted Allen says once you crack it is a ton of egg yolks. Chef Jeff plans a crepe. But his monster crepe falls apart when he tries to cook it. The adds more flour to the batter. Chef Jeff is making time intensive crepes.

Marsela says she sees a lot of yolk so she sees a humongous yolk creme Anglais and thickened for a low flame. She uses the galanga like a spice and grates it and infuses it.

Chef Jeff knows you have to fry plantains and Marsela does too. Marsela makes brittle and puts it in the blast chiller. But it does not chill enough to be be brittle.

For the dried strawberries Chef Jeff plans a puree. With two minutes left the brittle comes out at the perfect temperature. She says $50,000 for charity in Mexico would g a long way.

Ted Allen announces one minute and the judges go crazy with tension. Aaron says “I’m vaclempt”. Chef Jeff says he is pleased with his dessert until he looks over at Chef Marsela’s dainty delicate confections.

Marsela presents pine nut brittle and the creme anglais with tostones like a churro. He says it is a low light in components like a garnish to something else. Chef Jeff presents a

Geoffrey Zakarian remarks the cocoa nibs left on is a mistake. Amanda Freitag wanted the nibs. They remark Marsela’s dessert was covered in sugar.

The judges go over the meal on the whole. The flavors were good. Both chefs left the claws on the chicken feet. Mole spiced tripe taco according to Aaron was good. Marsela’s tostada was greasy.

The $50,000 charity win goes to Chef Jeff. Chef Marcela is is chopped.

The judges cite a great progression of flavors in his meal and he says he is validated in his win.

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