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The Good Wife -the Great Firewall -recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 2nd March 2011

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Alicia is asked to sit in on depositions for a Chinese Social Network being sued by a Chinese dissident who was imprisoned over a Chicago originated blog post. He says he trusted the writings to remain anonymous. The website gave the Chinese government the IP address of the "anonymous" user. The website says the Chinese government forced the social network company to give the IP address. The opposing attorney Violet (Rita Wilson) offers $865,000 for the entire loss of wife's companionship. Diane and Will service the case between strategy sessions for the partner's meeting. They want $28 million.

Kalinda gives Alicia her new address. She says she didn't have her old address. Kalinda analyzes the Chinese deposition and sees they'll summon Chinese officials to refute "accusations" of torture.The head of the Chinese social network company, Neill Gross,  says he has not supplied more than 50 IP address to the China government in the last year. He says the U.S.  government hasn't disallowed business in China like in Cuba and they are opening the door. Alicia scribbles something on a folder and hands it to Will.

Gross states that he makes more than Will in an hour than Will makes in a year. He claims he can't be held responsible for what the Chinese government does and had no idea what it does to prisoners. Alicia produces the man's Stanford college paper about Tibetan prisoners for a comparative religions class of Tibetan war and their POW imprisonment. oops. Dianne and Will then reject a cash offer to settle. Will says defending the prisoners' rights is the reason. Alicia lines up Amnesty International.

Meanwhile the debate between Scott-Carr, Florrick and Childs wins points for Florrick due to Nannygate. Scott-Carr makes weak excuses about the illegal nanny. Childs loses points for attacking her. Florrick addresses the youth vote and mentions prison instead. The audience responds well to the young person vote. Childs says he had a Swedish au pair and did the due diligence. Scott-Carr states that the other two candidates are men and can't understand the real issue of being a mother and working activist.

Zach hears Florrick toasting the debate with Eli and the new pollster, in a way that makes one think he's thrown in the towel. Florrick says "It's been an honor serving with you". Zach sees the debate and asks his old nemesis red-haired Becca for photos of their summer drama camp, where Child's son had a black nanny. When the redhead makes a phony play for Glenn Childs Jr. to get the information, the son calls Childs to report she was asking questions about the nanny, Rita. Childs instantly senses danger. He says he has to make a call. The race has six weeks left to go.

Alicia sees Will mentoring Bond how to win the lawyer vote at the partner's meeting, and the cabal of Diane, Will, and others meet to deflect Bond's three votes. Diane finds the old retired partners and lobbies for their vote. The men are S. O. B.'s and fight for year end bonuses even though they never lifted a finger. Meanwhile Zach and Becca bring the pictures of Glenn Child's black nanny to the office where Eli plays cold. Then Eli runs in the copy room and does a victory dance when nobody can see. He says "I am the smartest person I know".

Kalinda gives Cary a change of address card and he gives her a kiss, saying "welcome to normal". He violates a confidence, saying she will be indicted by a Grand Jury by D. A. Childs in the next week. Supposedly defense practices are the point, but now Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) has an ex-husband sniffing around for her.(Blaine is not seen in this episode). Kalinda says she likes normal.

But the Chinese case takes a turn when the Chinese dissident's wife, Jinghua, is brought into the depositions. Evidently she was either detained or used the arrest of her husband to liberate herself from the marriage. Dianne and Will are shocked. The prisoner says his wife left him after he came to America.(Will's girlfriend is not see in this episode).

Either way, the man's case is weakened, just as Diane and Will need extra settlement cash to sweeten the near-dead partners into voting their way. Kalinda tells Will to examine the wife's background. She was lying. But Kalinda finds out that the prisoner was cheating on his wife. Alicia points out that the two should talk, and maybe the husband can get the wife to recant her testimony.

Bond gets approached by Diane's cabal's fourth partner. Julius wants David Lee out and to be head of Litigation. The two old men barter the hell out of Diane for their votes. The turncoat sees Diana and Will ushering the elderly equity partner as Bond looks on. The partner's meeting will decide everything. Kalinda asks Alicia if she wants Peter to win. She says yes but she doesn't want things to go back to the way they were.

Alicia sees the internet billionaire they formerly represented in the office with Will and has Zach look him up online. Alicia asks Zach to research what he is doing in China, and Zach says he's pursuing social networking there. Alicia realizes getting the Chinese social network out of the way would be a good idea for him.  Alicia confronts Will at work. She is angry because instead of pursuing the China case out of pure motives, Will is just aiding leveraging business interests for the Internet guru.  Patrick Edelstein is the 5th richest guy in the world.

Will says everybody does things for a darker deeper motive, and if she's learned anything in her year with Lockhart, Gardner, (and Bond) she'd know by now it's the truth.  Alicia gives Will a long look, and he perhaps realizes how much of her regard he just lost. The "firewall" of the title isn't just about the online social networking. Will says that Lockhart - Bond - Gardner represents Edelstein's Chinese interests. Will says nobody does the right thing for the right reason (making Peter Florrick the nice guy again). Alicia nails Will with the fact they both know Edelstein will turn over IP addresses for the Chinese government.
Julius and Diane and Will and David Lee meet around the lobby vent again. It' snowing and freezing.

Dianne recaps the senior partners, unknowing that Julius is a turncoat new Head of Litigation. David Lee sarcastically says one of them will be dead and then a tight lipped Will informs him Merrick did just drop dead. Lee says this is turning into a Roman farce. Julius relays all of this to Bond, who seals the deal with making Julius head of litigation. Meanwhile Eli tells the pollster that Becca hinting to Glenn Childs about the nanny got him to pay her off to get out of the country. Eli says the documentation is complete.

In the Chinese case, the two Chinese people have made up their marriage. Alicia is getting sick of the games. Viola has one more witness. Paul Howden of the George Bush Administration, wrote the working memo of the United States legal position. He says certain aggressive interrogation techniques are not torture. Waterboarding is the issue. Alicia asks both Will and Diane if it will help Edelstein. Diane asks if she wants off the case. Alicia is obviously disappointed Diane was in on it.

Florrick visits Childs in his office. He produces the tape of Childs making the payoff. Florrick says the public can't forgive a cover up, and at the last debate Childs' comments to Wendy Scott-Carr make him look really stupid. Childs bitterly gives in. The press conference announcing Child's withdrawal from the race is greeted with cheers at the campaign. Eli is ecstatic. He says he promised Alicia he wouldn't bring the kids into the race and the pollster interject "No, but they jumped in". At home, Peter Florrick hugs Zach and says "you did it".

The Chinese case gets settled. Neill Gross gives a statement in settlement deposition. He says the lawyers are fighting over bags of pennies but online it's about the power and freedom of information. Alicia is really sick of it. They say it's too protectionist to do business in China. No money changes hands but they agree to stop doing business and handing over IP addresses. Then Will and Diane say time for the meeting. An amazed Alicia hears Will tell Diane, "in a few minutes, either Bond runs this firm or we do". They tell her good job. She nervously watches the conference room through the glass. It seems nobody likes Bond.

Diane starts the meeting of the partners. She introduces the equity partner to applause. Derek says Diane has been stealing clients and David Lee blurts 'just vote already". Bond calls for  vote to censure and dismiss Diane from equity partnerhip. Julius does not vote Diane out to Derek's amazement. Then David Lee says to vote Derek out and his office goes to his second secretary. Julius smiles as he votes for Derek to go out. Derek Bond, dumbfounded,  asks why Julius had him dismiss head of litigation. Julius says "Because I don't like you".

Bond leaves, saying to Will "Stupid son of a bitch", to which Will responds "yep". Bond goes to his office to pack his things, stunned. Will walks into the Bond office, glad for once for it to be free of Bond's influence. Julius passes Will in the hall saying "Nice Plan". Will says "Nice execution". They had it planned all along. They had a GREAT FIREWALL of secrecy!

As Viola (Mrs. Tom Hanks) leaves, she sees Alicia standing alone. She tells her they should talk, Lockhart Gardner are undervaluing her. Alicia says she's not interested, but Viola gives her a price on a piece of paper that leaves Alicia dumbfounded. Then she puts on her sunglasses ad gets in the elevator. (If Peter wins the race, she might probably have to change firms anyway). Looks like Peter Florrick is the possible next D. A. of Cook County, and Alicia and Cary might switch jobs.

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