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A little romance in the House

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Written by : published Wednesday 18th April 2012

The newest installment of FOX's House is "We Need the Eggs." A man named Henry (Kevin Christy) checks in. He happens to own a customized sex doll, whom he treats as a girlfriend. As the doctors search for what ails Henry, House (Hugh Laurie) points out to each of them in turn that they are almost as screwed up, and as unlucky in love, as Henry is. Of course, when they let House know he's in the same boat, especially watching him hold auditions to replace Emily (Noelle Bellinghausen), his regular hooker, he can't deny it.

House is nearing the end of the series, and many shows finish with happy romantic pairings for their central characters. Romance has always been a part of House, but rarely the central theme. Still, it's hard not to want to see the people viewers have grown so invested in over the years, and even the newer docs, find fulfillment in their lives. And despite trends away from marriage, most Americans still view finding a stable, long-term relationship as one of the necessary steps towards total satisfaction.

Does anyone on House have a chance at achieving that goal in the last few episodes? "We Need the Eggs" reminds us that none of them are close. They are all drawn towards House, and he to them, because of damage in their lives. This little group is messed up, and because it's their version of normal, surrounded by peers who are the same, they've been content to let it stay that way. "We Need the Eggs" introduces understanding of this arrangement, and just about everyone seeks to break the old patterns, with varying degress of success. Which is essential to move on and find serenity.

House might just be the one closest to real romance. Not with Emily, who lies about the relationship, but is quitting House anyway. No, House has grown close Dominika (Karolina Wydra). She helps him with his scheme against Emily this week, and Emily is the one that points out to our titular doctor that there seems to be something real between them. A couple of scenes between House and Dominika, one on one, really paint the picture of this possibility, and it looks beautiful.

While discussing House with House expert and co-executive editor of BlogCritics.org Barbara Barnett on The Good, The Bad, and the Geeky podcast a couple of weeks ago, Barbara mused how interesting it would be if House found love with Dominika, a marriage of convenience. She has a point. After fighting with Stacy, flirting with Cameron, and crash and burning with Cuddy, wouldn't it be fun if House's real gal just sort of falls into his lap? They have great chemistry, and she seems like a nice girl who genuinely enjoys his personality. Why not?

The roadblock to their happy ending could lie in a mistake House makes in "We Need the Eggs." He sees that Dominika has been approved for permanent citizenship, and tosses the letter in the trash. Admittedly, they are not at the point yet where she would likely stay with him if he doesn't do this. But by lying and deceiving her, House leaves himself open to a backlash that could ruin what they have together. Unless she just knows him well enough to not be surprised and hurt by this action, or is later grateful to him for giving them the time they need to find out if they are right for each other. If anyone could see past this, she could. This is certainly a "wait and see" situation.

The other character that is in a good place is Chase (Jesse Spencer). He has stopped his series of meaningless one night stands, and even passes up a chance to sleep with Adams (Odette Annable), knowing it is not a healthy situation to get into. He does a similar thing when Park (Charlyne Yi) comes to stay with him in the previous episode. Chase is learning from his past mistakes, and the growth that he exhibits in "We Need the Eggs" sets him up to be ready for something meaningful. If he doesn't already secretly have a dating partner going on. Which, given the tropes of television, is a distinct possibility.

Adams is not at all ready for romance. She is still deeply hurt by her husband's cheating, and her charity work is just an escape. She has not accepted herself, nor found out who she wants to be. Until she does these things, she has no chance at landing a great guy, her good lucks aside. While people can find other people in the process of fixing themselves, and life remains a fluid process, it seems unlikely that Adams will be in that sort of place by the end of the series.

Park is a possibility. Her character has a knack for analyzing a situation, and taking risks to remove herself from her status quo. She is willing to go outside of the box. This week, she engages in a little duet with a guitar player, which may have been a bit too intimate for casual friends. Is there something between them? Who knows? What's important is that Park is proactive in changing her life, and that is a good first step.

And then there's Taub (Peter Jacobson). In "We Need the Eggs" he meets a cute girl named Wendy (Alexis Raben) in the grocery store. But he can't stop himself from lying to her. And just when he brings himself to confess one lie, he tells another. Now, viewers are not shown how things turn out between them, but it seems like she should run as fast as she can. Hopefully, her character's credited last name on imdb of Jacobson, the same one that actor playing Taub has, is not a signal she is staying. Because Taub is not at all ready for a real relationship.

Foreman (Omar Epps) has been absent these past couple of weeks, and it's hard to know what's going on in his life. Though he seems to be doing well in his new position, his romantic side has not been addressed recently. Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) gets to tackle family intimacy last week, albeit as part of one of House's manipulations, and it doesn't go well, so he's probably done in this arena as well.

So, short answer, no, not everyone will end up with the romantic partner they desire. But some might. And, since love is not the main theme of House, this issue is likely to not be the sole focus of the characters' endings. Better to get a huge chunk of it out of the way in "We Need the Eggs" and move on from there.

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