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House episode 17 "We Need the Eggs" recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 18th April 2012

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A man wins a stuffed bear with his girlfriend at a country fair shooting, but has difficulty handling further intimacy. He says he has a girlfriend. The carney is surprised and the girlfriend along with him disappointed. Who is the girlfriend? She is not sure there is an “Amy”.

The man starts crying blood tears and is brought in. House is stumped. He can’t figure it out. Blood panel was re-run and they can’t find anything. House interviews prostitutes for companionship in front of the group. House’s candidates for his wife’s replacement comes in and out. Domenika helps even though even Emily is moving on.

A young man comes into the lab. Park says he is selling online a rare guitar. The man, mike, says he has sold it already but lingers. Taub senses the guy likes Park and he comes back around and says that the band is rehearsing, would she like to join. Park says that sounds fun. After Mika leaves Park, Taub singsongs “Park has a boyfriend”.

Chase and Masters research the patient’s apartment. Chase wants to know more about her celibate state. “what’s more important getting laid or helping people less fortunate?” He senses she does a lot of volunteer work. She says she is not “hungry’ right now.

They find a lifelike life size doll in his apartment. They bring it to the hospital and he interacts with it. There are a few curious things going on. House tries to get the black hooker, Emily, to come back to him but she says she has a relationship with another man and has to quit House. She says he knows what she does and he is OK with it.

The doll patient has weird crossover. Chase and Masters perform an operation on the doll and weird outflows progress. The investigation sparks comparisons to the staff relationships.

His liver failure causes him to have a hallucinations. House said that the staff picked dating candidates due to proximity. House wants to know how come there is a customised doll. The company says the man sent them pictures to make the doll. Taub just happens to know the ballpark price of such a doll.

Wilson interacts and wants to play football in the hall. But he chastises House about the new woman search anyway. House’s black hooker confesses in a second meeting she just wants to quit him and wanted to spare his feelings. She says he and his wife look at each other and have something going on even though they won’t admit it.

House gets the letter from Immigration approving his wife for independent citizenship but when she makes him something he says he must go to bed. House gives his wife the sad eyes. He drops the immigration approval in the trash to keep her close to him.

The doll patient goes home, pathetically keeping up and continuing the relationship with the doll. he makes a move on Masters, who says there is a woman in his life he should be hitting on. The real woman in his life who is interested in him and cares for him he deliberately ignores. Park and the young man start singing together in practice.

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