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Smash episode 10 "Understudy" recap

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Written by : published Monday 16th April 2012

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Karen is chosen to understudy the star when she is stuck in Cuba. Sam does not tell her but Derek does. Ivy says she knows all the blocking. Ivy says she is a usurper. But Tom and Derek know after her drunken debacle on-stage getting work will be difficult for Ivy.

Dev is upset because the wrong man got the job. He gets a visit from Karen in his office whee a jealous co-worker sees them making out. His reporter friend is there to commiserate. Dev has not told Karen yet. Now the unappetizing man is his boss. The stuff they had on him got buried.

Julia blurts out that the star is in Cuba. Then later at home she asks her son about the father. Julia messes up putting her son in the middle. "We're going to be fine" she says.

Derek starts to maul Karen in the play acting. The dancers bet on when she will fail. Julia and Tom have a ritual for their anniversary. They find a production of "Three on a match". The reporter asks if her husband is jealous.

Dev did not know about the seduction attempt. Derek sexually harassed her. Dev tears a strip off Karen partially because his demotion is something he doesn't want to tell her about.

The investors feel blindsided. The want to meet with the star, and her directors. "Jerry would never have put us in this situation".

The bartender at the dive bar listens of Aileen's tales of woe. He pulls out a lot of cash for her. He says he has friends.

Derek says he can't manage Karen because she is a scared rabbit. Ivy gives him some advice. "There is a lot on the line you need to be smart. "I think I'm pretty smart. "You could be smarter".

Next day Derek stages a number based on Darryl Zanucks's spa meetings. He is happy there is a Marilyn-free number to stage. Tom stands in as Zanuck. The number is about how difficult Marilyn is to manage.

After the number, Derek is nice to Karen an the snotty dancers take notice. Sam and Tom sidle up together, and Tom's boyfriend arrives with coffee. Not for the fist time he notices the empathy and connection between Tom and Sam.

"It's the biggest piece of junk we've ever written." Tom Huston and Julia Levitt, (she mixes up the names). Tom says it like a real husband and wife, he makes a apron signed by the crew.

The bartender Nick takes Eileen to see his friend music legend Randy. He says he doesn't need the money. He hints that Nick was an unsavory deal-maker once upon a time.

Dev gets a hint the reporter could get him a interview for a Washington D.C. but he sys he can't leave Broadway. The reporter says he needs to tell Karen what is going on.

Tom is confused about Julia's behavior. Julia tells Tom about Frank leaving. Next day Julia taps into Leo's device to see when Frank might be meeting him.

Ellis presents his research about the guy. The bartender Nick has a past. Aileen does not want to hear it. Later in the bar she gets a phone call from the star. She says Nick should ask for something and he says later he will.

In rehearsal Karen has a Marilyn moment. The dancers all see she has immersed herself in the part. But at Tom's his boyfriend calls him on his lighting up like a Christmas tree when Sam is around. Tom is shocked but the other man says goodbye.

But even though the star is coming back from Cuba sooner than they thought, he comes over to Karen's apartment. Thinking Dev will arrive, Karen opens the door in lingerie. He wants to apologize for that night in his apartment. He says his personal experience with actresses made him think she wanted to sleep with him. He is genuinely sorry and expresses respect for her work.

Dev sees Derek leave and jumps him. They fight. Derek is interrupted by Karen, who runs out. When Derek gets home Ivy wants to know why he couldn't have just phoned.

Aileen hosts her crabby investors to a drink at the dive bar. Ellis gives the contracts back to the investors and Randy Cobra lights their contracts on fire.

"He is my boss why did you have to attack him? "
This is what Karen says to Dev after stopping him beating up Derek. Dev responds by asking Karen to give up her career to leave for a opportunity with him. When she asks if there is an opportunity he says "Just answer the question". He leaves for work when they are both at an impasse.

Karen sings a lonely song with a hook in her heart and the cast and producers are rapt. Ivy stops in but listens and watches and Karen kills the song. But before she stops singing Miss Duvall arrives, played by Uma Thurman. The applause slants to the star.

At the bar Nick makes his move on Aileen and kisses her. They continue to kiss. But across town Julia has been waiting in a restaurant all afternoon but Frank does not show up.

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