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NCIS: Los Angeles episode 20 "Patriot Acts" recap

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Written by : published Saturday 14th April 2012

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Gavin Knowles is arrested after a rear end accident reveals he is carrying a chemical bomb. The NCIS is embarrassed because not having covered it first. He is a former marine. The FBI gives a press conference about having nabbed important terrorists.

Granger is apoplectic and Hetty stresses this. The group visits the FBI holding facility and Special Agent Jonas ties them up in red tape. The FBI gives a press conference about local terrorist happenings. Hetty and her boss want to know why Callen and his people weren’t on top of it.

The prime suspect cannot be interviewed until three weeks of paperwork happens. They are told not to take anything. They are not allowed to question the prime suspect. The FBI is involved, and Jonas hurries to shut it down.

Deaks is jealous of his partner’s plans. Kenzi and Nell hang out. Nate returns to the boathouse, where Nell drops romantic hints in front of Eric. But after he leaves Nate hits on her and she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Nate is wise to her.

Callen and Hanna try again to talk to the imprisoned man accused of bombing. Jonas shows up again and stops them.

Deaks and Kenzi investigate the diner where the accused man worked and hung out. The boss tells them a lot. He used his cellphone there. He made phone calls to a garage watching out for something. Gavin’s profile suggests he is not the murder type.

His friend the waitress swears he was not involved. They watch where the chase ended. The garage is where a lot of bike gang members show up. Deaks and Kenzi dress undercover as bikers and go into the bar.

One of the men in the biker garage is an old adversary of Deak’s LAPD undercover role. He screams “Cop” and puts Kenzi and Deaks on the defensive. They roll out of there to the boat house with the guy. Hetty says there are more press tips about the terrorist group which threatens to attack Los Angeles by day’s end.

Agent Jonas says they have already closed the book on this case and only Nate can interview the prisoner. Since Nate is working under FBI jurisdiction Jonas can control shutting him down. The task force is unable to get Gavin to talk to them but Nate suspects something is wrong.

Jonas shuts down the interview on the basis that he thinks Gavin is paranoid and therefore not useful. They think Ambrose is hiding something. They get her real identity from her cello tuner. He is very suspicious. She has a Bel Air address. They give it to Callen.

Harold, Deak’s suspect from the biker bar, named his bike “Maude”. Deaks threatens to give it to his kid sister to mess up while he goes back to prison. Associating with the garage gang breaks his parole. He says someone wants a compact bomb.

While Callen and Hanna and Nate interpret what the biker says the FBI gives another press conference announcing the additional tips are fakes. Mia the waitress is who they pursue at home for more clues. Kenzi is surprised Deaks played violin as a child.

The biker says someone has been asking questions about a compact bomb. Callen and Hanna check out an address and a car inside the gates explodes. Callen works the endgame. They assume Gavin did not act alone. They find out Mia created her new identity six years ago.

Callen and Hanna show up at Mia/Jessica’s address to find a house sitter hanging out. The maids say she ran away in high school and they left her bedroom untouched. There are law books and soccer trophies and orchestra stuff. She grew up in Bel Air.

They see a picture from a high school dance. Her boyfriend Raffi was arrested as a suspected terrorist. His fellow inmates murdered him in the name of patriotism. They suspect Mia has a role framing Gavin.

The busboy from the diner was in a picture with Raffi. Ambrose was the agent who cut his teeth on the bust. This was the case where an undercover officer on the case was Adam Melnick on the bust. The are working together all this time.

Hanna, Callen, Deaks, and Kenzi sweat Adam for the bomb details. They find the park where Mia is giving Agent Ambrose the tape recorder. Hanna grabs and defuses the bomb with Kenzi's hairpin. Mia's role in the case is examined in the aftermath. Nell lets Eric know she has no evening plans for nights to come and that she and Kenzi went to a monster truck rally.

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