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Unforgettable episode 20 "You Are Here" recap

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Written by : published Friday 13th April 2012

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Carrie and the crew play computer games while Krause obsesses to Al about his Facebook password being changed. He is worried the kid is in trouble again.

They are notified of a fire in a lab, which has been shown to be incendiary device. A young woman finds it and the lab explodes. A box of stuff arrives and Al says it is not his.

Al and Carrie are talking in his office when he admits he has been out of his relationship. The stuff in the box is from their past. His breakup was OK and Carrie says she is there if he needs to talk.

Sinclair Labs rents space to private clients and researchers. Audrey Cruise was the victim. Carrie uses her memory to get additional information from the cop at the scene. Carrie speaks to Audrey’s family. The father is furious. She was very serious about her work. The father says she was working so much she had a hard time connecting. Carrie learns Audrey had a job. She said it was easy money a side project.

Carrie remembers the bomb device shared the same company logo insignia as the new company. The security cameras show Audrey got a note on her car before she went in and blew up the lab. SPI is a defense contractor. Their projects are classified.

The crew visit the SPI and the manager in charge. He says a number of activist groups were targeting Audrey’s work, even though Al can't get the man to talk about what she was working on. They raid the activist group. Carrie says they are liable for murder and arson. Carrie works the activist computer network password to get access to the data about SBI attacks.

A map with targets was sent to the group. A man named Faraday sent the data There are four more targets. In red is written “They All Must Burn". They can’t get prints and have a muddy picture for the Faraday profile.

The head of the activist group says the man is external to their group and crazy. Carrie investigates the Faraday targets. In the lab they giggle over the switched ground wire and the trigger wire. A shared hotspot is where the IP address originates.

The building manager, Max,lets them in when he sees the warrant. Before they can call Krause they find a huge setup of media clips and drawings on the wall detailing Faraday’s thinking. They find a map to the logic of all Faraday’s hits and bomb making materials. But Max flips a light and the spark blows up the wall and the room.

Carrie sees a blinking red light. Carrie Wells stares into the abyss of the killer. But the surveillance video shows Max leaving when Faraday should have been there. They are working together. Al thinks Max is the inside man. They research his work history. They go to Max’s sister. She lets him live in the basement while she manages work and two kids.

They talk about Faraday. He is an older man who has partially brainwashed her brother. He was making files. The sister details how Max has wandered around and it is like he is still in high school. Carrie looks at dated pictures of Faraday and asks if he was ever psychiatrically diagnosed.

Carrie realizes Faraday has been dead for five years. Carries realizes Max is Faraday, assuming his identity as a form of mental illness. Carrie hunts down Max at the next bomb spot. He has another bomb in the bag. Faraday appears as a delusion and tries to talk Max into bombing again. Carries argues that Audrey was innocent and she can help him.

The Faraday delusion yells at Max for writing the the warning Audrey and war her off. At the critical point they get the bomb but Tanya and he exchange the ground wire and the trigger wire.

Care screams for the bomb guy to stop and takes his hands away. She pulls the other wire at the pivotal second and the bomb does not go off. Carrie smirks at Al, who has Max in a vise. Al grimaces at Carrie’s ways being right again. At the office, Tanya works on Facebook. They joke about Spence isn’t building a bomb. Tanya finds hidden plans of anniversary surprise party for Krause.

Al takes Carrie into his office, admits he lied about his breakup. Al’s feelings about Carrie were in particular the cause of it. His girlfriend packed up his stuff and left it in the station pointedly. He could not let go. He does not look happy telling Carrie about this. Carrie is not exactly displease by these disclosures.

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