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Survivor: One World Episode 9 – Making big girl decisions

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Written by : published Thursday 12th April 2012

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Chelsea summed up the madness that is Survivor when she said, “I hate to be that person, but I love money.”  You have got to love a game that makes an innocent and trustworthy country girl from South Carolina justify a giant backstab of a so-called friend.  That is not a criticism of her at all, but more of a testament to how the game of Survivor must be played in order to win it.  Chelsea’s justification of her actions tonight was an example of the sacrifices and moral decisions that must be compromised if you plan on winning the million dollar prize.

In case you missed the episode, be sure to get caught up by watching Episode 9 of Survivor: One World, and then be sure to read my weekly Survivor Examiner episode recap before continuing on to this “Bonus Analysis” coverage.

It was definitely in Chelsea’s best interest to stick with the women, but the real dilemma tonight was with Jay.  He had a major decision to make:  Should he put his trust in Kim and Chelsea or should he team with Troyzan?  Jay ultimately made the foolish decision to trust the females, even when he had horrible feelings last week that they were playing him and the rest of the guys.

Troyzan revealing his Idol to Jay was a risky move but a necessary one.  Had he have been able to convince Jay to vote for Kim, he may have had more leverage to get people like Leif and Tarzan to vote with them.  A blindside of Kim – with an Idol in her possession – would have been a massive move and would have flipped the game on its head.  Troyzan would have needed help from a female like Christina or Alicia, but he is fighting an uphill battle – Troyzan is one of the only people out there outside of the Kim, Sabrina and Chelsea alliance that is actually playing the game.

Christina and Alicia have been floating along, playing similar “under-the-radar” games that may get them far but won’t make them winners in the end.  They should have been able to sniff out the fact that they are at the bottom of their female alliance, so wouldn’t it be proper to make a big move at some point to ensure that they are able to get further than just 5th or 6th?  The way they are going, it doesn’t seem likely that they will be real contenders to win.  If Troyzan is voted out, who else of the remaining players other than Kim has a serious shot at being crowned Sole Survivor?

Leif and Tarzan have no shot, and their strategies seem very peculiar, which is a nice way of saying that they suck.  Not personally, but their approach to the game.  Tarzan is a smart guy who is often seen talking about how the guys should stick together, but his voting record would make you believe that he’s playing his own game.  What benefit does Tarzan gain by voting for Jay, as he did tonight?  Leif at least voted alongside Jay.

Now with only nine players remaining and without an Idol to fall back on, Troyzan doesn’t seem to stand much of a chance, especially because of how these others are playing.  If he could somehow convince Alicia and Christina of their status within their female alliance, he could pull a 5-4 majority by teaming alongside Tarzan and Leif.  Tarzan and Leif should know that they are next after Troyzan, so hopefully they see the upside of helping Troyzan.  But is it in Christina and Alicia’s best interest to flip sides, or do they stand a better chance with an all-women final six?

If they were to flip, they’d be headed into a situation where they would be two girls aligned with three men.  This would again put them in the minority if that five did make it to the end.  So although it would be good TV, I don’t expect either girl to flip to Troyzan’s side.  This ultimately means that Troyzan will not be able to regain a numbers advantage, and should be voted out if and when he loses an Immunity Challenge.

So is this Kim’s game to lose?  If there is an all-girl final six, you would think that Alicia and Christina would be first to go, followed by Kat.  So what is only thing stopping a Sabrina, Kim and Chelsea Final 3?


Yep, you know the saying, “I hate to be that person, but I love money.”  If Troyzan is voted out, would these smart, strategic women really vote out Tarzan and/or Leif, two players that they can surely win against in the end?  The women turning on themselves may happen well before they reach final six.

It’s time to slip on those big girl panties and make some big girl decisions.

So what are your thoughts?  Is Troyzan a sitting duck?  Will the women systematically take out the men or do you think they will turn on each other much sooner?  How do you see things going down?  Be sure to post your comments below.

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