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Gossip Girl episode 19 "It's Girl, Interrupted" recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 11th April 2012

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Diana Payne is back, and Lola does not like it. She takes over Nate’s top office and says that he cant run the newspaper or website creditably. Nate gets caught in a lie and Lola researches Nate and Diana’s history on Gossip Girl.

Blair gets the wedding papers and needs to sign the divorce pages to process it. But later Dan notices she has not signed them and gets all excited. Privately Blair confesses to Dorota she is not quite ready to give up on the Princess dream even though she knows she needs to sign.

Serena’s try as Gossip Girl 3.0 is not good and Georgina wants the password back. Serena is coached by Blair to make Lola the new IT girl and divert attention from herself through the blog. Kiki de Montparnasse is giving a party. Serena grooms Lola to go as a model. While they are shopping, Serena pulls a fire alarm to get Lola’s picture in lingerie on Gossip Girl.

Nate can’t keep the Spectator afloat. His investors fall through, chiefly on the promise of exclusives Serena can’t or won’t deliver because her family is involved. Lola further analyzes her family with a new friend from home, Aden. He is young and cute.

Elizabeth is known to Chuck now as his mother. The blood transfusion information was revealed.

Blair evades Dan’s attempt to spend the day with her. Nate finds out that Chuck paid the dowry and tells Dan, who lets it slip to Blair. She is shocked and Dan wants to cut his tongue out.

Ivy Dickens accepts an offer to unfreeze the assets, to leave the apartment, but Lily stops the check. Rupert decides this is a dealbreaker and he does not want to leave the Brooklyn loft of Dan’s.

Blair finds out that Chuck paid the dowry. She nervously she tells him he just wanted to buy her. But Chuck says she can have her freedom and do with it what she will. He says he only told two people. But Dan thinks Blair did not sign the papers due to feelings for Chuck.

At a hot party given by Diana, Lola tries to match wits. But Diana says she can’t lose two men to her in one day?

Nate tells Diana he thinks she came back for him. To thwart him, Diana grabs Lola’s date and proceeds to the elevator and presses the flesh. But at the conclusion Aden shows Lola a video he took and says it all turned out like they planned.

A furious Diana turns on Nate. She is told Aida is 16 and he sex filmed is statutory rape. Serena busts in and is so shocked she takes Lola down for the plan. Lola gabbles about saving the Spectator. Diana smiles sweetly and exits, leaving Nate holding the bag.

Backstage, Lola thinks she can maintain being friends with Serena while blowing off the it girl stylings. The men salivate over the hot models but Serena is told she cannot model the “Lola” number. The next day Lola gets a call from an agent and wants to explore new options. Serena reads the notes from Gossip Girl and everybody wants more of “Lola.”

Rufus does not move back with Lily into the Penthouse. Lily moves back in and tells the doorman those are all the bags.

Diana talks to Nate and says she has another office downstairs. She says she does have feelings for him but will manage them because he is with Lola.

So next day Lola sees Gossip Girl text from a jealous Serena about staging the fire escape photo op. But immediately photographers fall on her. Lola thinks fast and smiles and poses. But when she calls the Spectator to talk to Nate for moral support she s told he is in with Diana and cannot be disturbed.

Blair sends Chucks a message “thank you or setting me free”. Dan and Blair run around with Blair enjoying a fake cubic zirconia crown on her head. Then little girls coming running like fan girls to take the picture and Blair is happy.

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