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Hawaii Five-0 episode 19 "Kalele" recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 11th April 2012

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With Steve McGarrett gone, Max works to free a wrongfully convicted prisoner(Vince Taylor Pruitt). The tasty freeze guy, Kamekona, reports his trailer has disappeared. Danno Williams finds that Steve is gone a personal mission. He gets a call about a murdered body out in the fields. The team rushes out to investigate and Max is slow on the uptake finding the cause of death.

They find a car, and a flat with a razor blade in a tire tread. (Flashback to the murder) This belongs to the woman found dead. Max won’t identify cause of death and the body in the fields is rushed to the medical examiner for more tests. A Waikiki company was where she worked. Her mother said she got a phone call before going to work and when she left. Her body was found in a pineapple field.

The victim was being followed. The GPS was being monitored remotely. Angela O’Hara was tracked by Al Litowa. She stopped by a bar in the North Shore. They both worked at Monokai Catamaran. He says he thought she was cheating on him. Danno gets cleared on his alibi.

Tasty Freeze says that he need more updates on his missing food van and Danno makes up a story that Kono is on it. Only Danno knows how important Steve's mission is to get answers and he must hold down the fort.

Max is detailed in telling Chin Ho and Danny that the woman was one of many found in a safe baby abandonment program. Max reports that the case was one he is close to. He investigates the famous case that had a similar M. O. They go to see the man in jail serving time. He swears he did not do it. Max tells Chin Ho later he went over the evidence and was sure he didn’t do it.

Max says serial killers have poor impulse control and cant hep themselves. Max asks them to re-open the investigation of the trashman Killers. Richard Branch was ruled out by his analysis.

Chin Ho goes to the see the senior detective in charge. He confesses his doubts about the case.

“I was hoping this day would never come" The press had the island in a panic and put the island bad for tourism. They only had enough evidence to convict for one of the killings. He was a drifter, with circumstantial evidence

“After 30 hours in the box he would have copped to the OJ killers”.

He is retired but confides in the younger man that the evidence for another murder stacked up but the pressure to convict from the media. Another murder looked better that did not match the serial killings.

Chin Ho orders Kono to get some background. She predated the other kills and had broken ribs and was older. It was ruled out because it didn’t fit the profile. So he was thrown to the wolves.

Richard Branch, the main suspect, was in a rehab facility when Rabbage was murdered. It would have blown the trashcan profile so they swept in under the rug. Max says Jennifer Rabbage was close to the killer.

Danno runs the case. Serial murders start with first murders that break them into a pattern. The person is usually someone close to them. They identify victims as women who left babies at a certain church. Max turns pale, this is the place where he was left. St. Martin’s church is where she was left. They find the women slain by the Trashcan Killer had unreported children left at St. Martin’s church. Danno determines that is the trashman Killer’s trigger.

Chin Ho and Danny and Max go to the prison of the “serial killer". Richard Branch (Vince Taylor Pruitt) is a very depressed man).

Max has been corresponding with him and brings him puzzles. They listen to the prisoner’s story. He was under the influence of the narcotics and vodka. He had a terrible court appointed attorney. He was a fit for the description and had accidentally left a fingerprint on the body when he opened up the bag with the corpse in it.

Chin Ho and Danno investigate the church, with various creepy men hanging around. Max goes to St. Martins. After eliminating the custodian and another man, Max visits and realizes the man with arthritis could not have broken the necks of the dead women in the common fashion. Max is talking to the murderer, who breaks loose into violent invective.

The man collected the babies. He hated the women who tried to get over their “mistakes” and move on. He even says that Max’s mother came around later trying to find him. She had her life together and wanted to know him. Max is stunned.

But the man says Max is not normal. He has his hands in dead bodies all day. Max fights back and says he was normal and is, and fights the man until the team arrives.

Kono’s truck returns and when Tasty Freeze tries to thank Kono she asks for $200 he forgot to pay his vendor license and got his van hauled by the city. Danno calls Steve, and he does not answer the phone, but is in Japan and hangs up the phone, and jumps on a helicopter.

At the prison gates, Max waits as his friend Richard Branch is let go from prison. Branch walks toward Max and his yellow car, and they shake hands and smile.

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