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Ringer episode 21 "It's Called Improvising, Bitch!" recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 11th April 2012

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After figuring out her assassin failed, Andrew’s first wife fakes a suicide attempt. Andrew comes home to find her wrists covered in blood. Juliet and Andrew hesitantly visit her in the hospital. Andrew is told she needs support system. Later after Andrew has told Bridget of this, Juliet and Andrew have differing opinions about how to handle the crisis.

Juliet says “I’m not getting sucked in again”. Juliet listens as the doctor details how Catherine needs a supervised living situation and does not want her involved with them again.

Henry in custody talks about the murder but sees the maid at the hotel has recognized and fingered him as being in the room the time of the murder. Children’s Services takes Henry’s kids and he flips out at Siobhan. He wants to confront Arbogast, and says he can’t understand why he is waging war on him.

She says this mess she knows she can fix. Ms Shegilovitch is later approached by Siobhan, who gives her a huge envelope of cash to get fuzzy on the details.

Shegilovitch goes to the police and says “We need to talk”. The police bring in Bridget/Siobhan, who is asked to detail her connection with Tyler because the maid might recant.

Machado and Bridget have lunch and talk about who the assassin was and who might have hired him. Machado is understandably upset she never told him about the first murder attempt. He wonders about all the cell phones on the loose.

Machado and another investigator continue to work another side of the case. But they need warrants to proceed. Juliet approaches her father and wonders if Catherine’s suicide was their fault. Andrew talks to Bridget about Catherine’s fantasy they will get back together again.

Arbogast says he hired a detective to shadow him about his behavior during the last year of Gemma’s life. He knows Henry was cheating and it broke his daughter’s heart. Arbogast suspects he was involved in her death. Henry is shocked.

Juliet has a heart to heart with her mother about her committing suicide so Andrew would find her and how she never wanted to have kids until she met Andrew. Juliet says if she is sick she wants her to get well, but if she is just an evil bitch, get over it. She talks about obsessing about Siobhan and hating her.

Juliet begs with Andrew to have her mother live with them after getting free of the hospital.

Machado stakes out the home of the dead man Rex Barton and breaks in at night, finding a hidden room in the basement. Once in there a voice calls out

“Annafried I have to talk to Henry, I know you’re in there”

Machado drops out the light....

Catherine stays at the house and meets Agent Machado, who sees her go off with a bunch of tranquilizers. Machado finds out more and more about the man who tried to kill her and the missing body of the man Osterman hired. When Rex Barton couldn’t’ complete the hit, Osterman tried someone else but presumably hid the body of Barton whom Bridget had killed in self defense.

At Henry’s, Siobhan finds out the maid told police Siobhan Martin tried to bribe her. Henry breaks down their relationship. He says he has made bad choices being involved with her an is scouting down the risks of being continually involved. He can’t go away with her because he wants to be near his boys. He loves her but where is their future?

During a heart to heart with Bridget, the real Siobhan stands behind a corner of the wall with a sconce ready to hit her if discovered. Henry tries to talk his way into persuading Bridget to side with his for the police but she says it is written all over his face he killed Tyler.

Machado wants the phone that Bridget says was stolen. Then he says he ran the photograph cutout he found at Barton’s for prints. This is a photo of the Christmas card the Martin’s sent out years before. Machado muses that the killer was someone who had access to the Martin apartment, but did not kill Bridget while they were there.

Catherine listens from across the room and realizes they are talking about her evidence trail. Bridge drinks the tea Catherine makes and when Machado gets a hit on fingerprints and sees picture and tries to call. Catherine hides the phone and Bridget feels ill.

Bridget has blurring vision and falls to the floor, where Catherine drops all the pills to make it look like a convincing Suicide. Bridget finds the gun in Catherine’s purse. She realizes her obsession has gone too far just as she faints.

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