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Grey's Anatomy episode 18 "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" recap

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Written by : published Sunday 8th April 2012

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Meredith and Derek see a Lion as they drive into work but at work the victims arrive. A man visited his date and the lion which was her pet got out. Alex’s crush must face some facts about her baby. Callie slowly realizes Arizona has a romantic past with other people at the hospital.

Altman attends a self help group. She starts shouting the woman down about her husband’s medical condition and particulars. Callie realises Arizona and the nurse were close. Callie realises Arizona has a lot more exes than she does.

Meanwhile Yang isn’t talking to Hunt. Alex can’t share his intern. Hunt tries to tell Meredith about the infidelity and Meredith erases the conversation. Avery tries to steal the lion victim case from Webber. Morgan harasses Karev for attention.

Lexie gets nervous about meeting with Derek and going back into surgery. Cristina follows her case and excludes the monkey business. Bailey notes the tension. Arizona advises Morgan about some hard truths concerning her baby. Morgan lashes out a Karev for not being their to insulate her.

Yang gets a surgery patient. The man is older and had a heart attack while possible having sex with his wife. Meredith pulls them all through a difficult surgery. Meredith advises Hunt than Cristina is considering how to forgive him. He needs to wait.

Webber and Avery advise the man bit by a lion that he body blocked his girlfriend and he is a hero. But when they put the patients together they act like idiots, prompting Avery and Webber to walk off.

Altman bounces around doing the stem cell research cheer leading. Altman finds dark quiet place to admit she is a widow. very and Webber look at a room filled with jars of weird things removed from people.

“You don’t get a lions tooth from a genius”. Meredith tells Derek if she ever heat on she will kill him. Derek gets Zola a toy lion. Lexie smiles at Mark in the elevator after stressing that he will move in with Julia. When he sits down to the table with Christina at work, she throws the cereal she is eating all over him.

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