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Castle episode 20 "The Limey" recap

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Written by : published Sunday 8th April 2012

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A Hollywood motel has Naomi, a model found dead. The man searches the jacket she wears as the maid turns keys in the door. He leaves and Beckett precedes Castle arriving in a sports car. Beckett shares her concerns about Castle being in a holding pattern. Beckett says that she doesn’t want to lose their friendship. Beckett is told they are not friends anymore.

Beckett works the case with one nervous eye on Castle. Evidently the victim was a model from London. Her jobs took a weird bent recently, more escort than official model. Ryan finds out where the man leaving the scene checked in and they approach.

A Brit detective angles to work a murder case after leaving the scene. Castle and Beckett think different about the victim. The man leaving the apartment turns out to be a Scotland Yard detective. He knew the victim from when her missionary husband, a doctor, was still alive.

The Supervisor at Scotland Yard were impressed with her record. Hunt says she gave him a key. Castle takes off with his blond and leaves the detective work to Hunt.

Naomi was kicked out of a part after an altercation with the host a felon ex-rapper. The woman says her man was wandering and got her digits in his phone. The rapper Biggie Slim says he went home with the rapper. But he won’t come clean on what Naomi was doing. He says she was paranoid.

Naomi said someone was following her. But the M.E. says that a strong man crushed her larynx. The got a a partial print and the M.E. can identify the killer if Beckett brings her a culprit. Beckett worries about the twice divorced Castle chasing bimbos. She is reminded that playing it safe comes at a cost.

They find a photo. There is an unidentified man. Castle arrives back. The picture of the killer is partly on the British Consulate Nigel Wyndham, consulate general responsible for logistical matters. Hunt connects him with British authorities for information. His former girlfriend disappeared mysteriously. Castle’s imagination instantly paints Nigel into a corner.

He had a marriage of convenience to the daughter of powerful man and got a job in the Ministry of Culture and then the consulate. As Castle constructs a comically elaborate plan, Beckett and Hunt show up in evening clothes and leave for a party at the Consulate. Ryan and Esposito are amused.

At the dance Beckett waltzes over to Nigel and notices his ring. She pretends to be bored and tries to get the wine glass with his fingerprints. She says there is more to her than meets the eye. She says there is more to actions than words. She asks him to use both his hands while dancing to get rid of the glass, which Hunt runs after. But Hunt is cornered by security because the man he is impersonating is actually there.

Meanwhile Beckett is left with pawing Nigel. She says she likes to lead. He she says she is suddenly hungry. He won’t put his hands on the caviar dish. Then security approaches her. She leaves and shows Hunt the card case she sole. Hunt is impressed. They walk out.

But Esposito says the prints are not a match. But Castle’s stewardess friend told him the number on Naomi’s message is a diplomatic pouch waybill number for an airline. Jacinda’s help infuriates Beckett. The waybill was for a pouch that flew to Uganda. Hunt says Naomi’s boyfriend was killed in Uganda.

The other ten pouches at 20 pounds have been shipped. The NYPD cannot open up a British diplomatic pouch without an international incident. Hunt pretends to be American in a horsey “Homeland Security” accent. Beckett coaches Hunt to find it.

Hunt gets caught because he has impersonated agent “Bauer”. He unpacks the crates to find stinger missiles. The missiles are then impounded by the real Homeland Security. But Hunt connects the SUV in the vehicle of the consul with the rapper’s SUV. He had a cousin in the service. He used the connection to shuttle weapons to Uganda.

When the case is solved, Hunt asks Beckett out for a drink. She glances at Castle and says she has some paperwork to catch up on. But then Castle runs outside because Jacinda is double parked n the Ferrari. Beckett says she is surprised they have had four dates in three days. Castle asks yes and why not?

Beckett says she does not seem his type. Castle says she is attractive and uncomplicated and that is what he needs right now. Castle leaves and Beckett sinks into her chair. She calls back Hunt and asks if he still wants to have that drink.

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