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How I Met Your Mother s06e18 - A Change of Heart

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Written by : published Tuesday 1st March 2011

Reminder: The one where Barney lies to Nora and gets slapped a lot.


Barney and Nora have a second date, something Barney never does, and he spends all the time before it justifying why it's okay in this instance, and denying that it's because he has anything like real feelings for her. When they get to the date, though, Nora tells him she wants to get married and have kids, and instead of saying he doesn't he tells her he does-- and then they go on to plan a whole ideal life together. On the way home, he tells her he lied about it, and she kicks him to the curb. Now the question is, when will he have the nerve to make it up to her?

Meanwhile, since Marshal's dad died of a heart attack, he has his own heart checked for early-warning signs. He's fine. But he also has everyone else check theirs, and Barney comes up with a little murmur or something, and the doctor has him wearing a heart monitor, which records his reactions throughout his date. His heart is fine, but Lilly takes the readout as proof that he has real feelings, and his real lie was when he told her he lied about wanting to settle down.

ALso meanwhile, Robin dates a guy who acts almost exactly like the dog she wanted to get and Ted vetoed.


This episode was a cornucopia of slapping for Barney, and it was highly amusing. If there's one thing this show can do well, it's deliver a slap.

Barney's story continues to grow a heart, and it's both sweet and heartbreaking this episode, since seeing Barney fall in love is a mixed blessing. He has no idea what to do with it, as we learned when he was a bad boyfriend to Robin, and the ending of this episode showed us how unwilling he is to go outside his comfort-zone. Nora would be a good addition to the group. Her sweetness and romanticism is a contrast to how cynical and sarcastic the rest of them can be sometimes, but she's not naieve or anything. She can keep up with the wittiness.

And the little barely-touched on idea that Robin feels left out? Brilliant. She's not the marrying type, either, but now that she's the only one not paired off, and we learned last episode that it's a little hard for her to see Barney falling for someone else, it'd be interesting to see where this goes.

Bottom Line: Barney is just as charming as a broken man as he is as a womanizer. Just in different ways.

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