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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode 19 Split Decision recap

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Written by : published Friday 6th April 2012

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In the casino, gamblers belly up to the machines. Gladys the gambler sees the older man walk to the middle of the floor. He is shot by the young man in the orange shirt. She sees him run off with his wallet. But when Nick Stokes and Brass arrive they shut down the casino and lock it down. Te security analysts spot the man in the orange shirt over an over but where the man spotted the detectives can’t find him.

Sara waits in the empty nightclub, but the security analysts says the prep s in there. Nobody is in there. The facial recognition software seems not to be working. The victim is Dennis Kiel, a doctor from Los Angeles. They find an open fire escape door. Stone and company have to shake down every room to find the shooter.

They meet a woman who was waiting for the man in orange to come to the room. They have DNA and a print on the condom wrapper. “He called himself X-man.” She is a movie fan. She says she made a video. They take a copy.

Sara and Brass go to Kiel’s room. They find Avery, the son. The mother died last year. He wants to know where his dad is. He won $800 and people were watching. Brass learns the boy has nobody but distant cousins and someone e will check in on him. Sara’s heart goes out to him.

DB checks in on the coroner. The GSW penetrated the liver. They find an hourglass shaped hollow point slug, very unusual. Julie Finlay undoes the pay-line machine in the lab from the casino to find the second bullet. Another red plug is found. DB says to Jules that her finding out why there is no core is her next job.

Nick checks into a room and the guy gets nervous when he sees the picture. Nick finds a tennis shoe size thirteen. Lee Jacobs is too small for this size. He is nervous about the closet. Inside the closet is a man with an a orange shirt. This is identical to the man in the video.

Jordan Brensten took off without his shoes and his wallet. He is hiding in the closet and pretends that he does not know Shelly. Nick shows him the video and the man denies it is him. He says he did not shoot anybody. The lab arrest him, sure they have their murderer.

But the lab shows by the camera to be at two places at the same time. They use antibody analysis to separate which twin did the murder, and both come up clean. They realize they are up against triplets. DB is stunned.

Then one of the men in custody has a lawyer show up for him it is his mother. She is the one who had triplets when doing in vitro analysis. But she only took one kid. She denies knowledge of the other two children but Brass smells a rat. They research the background of the dead doctor and he worked in his youth at an in vitro facility. Who knew about the triplets and when?

The motive for the killing is unclear. If the triplet adult men had no relationship with their father, why would they kill him? 

A fourth ”twin” shows up, confounding the CSI lab who cannot pin or exclude the murder to one single man. Sara learns the culprit for the murder is the young son of the murdered man. He transferred the money and planned the murder. His DNA also matches the crime scene logistics.

Sara finds out that he resented being an in vitro birth because his father was always so cold to him. The day his mother was buried he found out about the truth. He will not give up which man shot the father because he says they are his real brothers. He’ll take his chances with a jury.

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