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Criminal Minds episode 19 Heathridge Manor recap

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Written by : published Friday 6th April 2012

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A decade ago, a crazy woman is ripped from the bed where her son lies with her. She talks about the Devil’s Brides. The doctor and orderlies of the St. Baldwin’s Psychiatric Hospital restrain her as she screams and fight them off. Her son watches.

At St. Baldwin’s Psychiatric hospital in the present day, two wandering kids find a body dressed up like a Renaissance Queen. The staff is called in to investigate.

James,now grown, makes illustrations of the Merry Wives of Windsor. He paints them into a corner, so to speak. His paints their demise as his mother is heard off screen taunting and directing him. (She is dead).

James and Lara, brother and sister live together. But James locks women down a well and sprays water on them, a la “Silence of the lambs”. Bodies start showing up at a nearby deserted institution. There is a very specific selection criteria.

James ritually takes women and puts them down the well to test them like the Salem Witch Trials.

James prevents his sister Lara from attending school. She pleads to be allowed to go but he says she is an object of mockery. Lara touches her deformed hand and says no she has friends. In a psychotic fugue, the unsub communicates with his dead mother.

Lara is beginning to question our mission. The devil is beginning to take notice.

“You’ll have to strike first to save those you love.” He hears the disembodied voice of his dead mother.

The costumes and makeup suggests a fan of history and Shakespeare. The Unsub is isolated socially, he appears normal. His delusional belief system. The specific timetable is the calendar.

James approaches a woman in a bar who orders a Heineken. “Nothing but the finest wine should pass your lips”

“Is that your best line? “She replies.

“I have been watching you all night and you are the most ravishing creature in here”.

Splash, the woman falls into the well as the next victim. but the bar tender shows he detectives the security footage of James watching the blond victim.

They identify the next missing woman Sara. Kate Heathridge was a textile heiress. Some think she burned down the psychiatric hospital. An aspiring actress who went off her psychiatric medication. She cut off her daughter’s left arm to make her less appealing to the Devil.

Garcia is ordered to research the son and daughter. Lara dropped out of school six weeks ago.

Lara wears a prosthesis. She comes into James room when James has re-cerated her prom. he says he did not want her to miss it. He says he spoke to mother again. She says the end is near.

“smoke gets in Your Eyes”. James and Sara dance together.

She says there is only one more of the Devil’s brides left.

Even white knights have their dark days. The bodies were left out as messages to the devil.

“If you don’t kill her, who will?”

“No one”, James says. He then ties Sara up. When she wakes up she says she will die and he says if he fails they will die together.

As the detectives approach, Sara watches from the above window. She is dressed in an elaborate Shakespeare costume. James jump from behind but gets knocked down the well in the struggle.

Sara is then shown living alone in the house, but when a black gloved visitor knocks on the door she answers it. She is shown with her hand out, talking to nobody.

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