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Survivor: One World Episode 8 – ‘Slow and steady wins the race, baby’

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Written by : published Thursday 5th April 2012

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Finally, we get an episode that revealed several strategies and set the table for what is to come.


In case you missed the episode, be sure to get caught up by watching Episode 8 of Survivor: One World, and then be sure to read my weekly Survivor Examiner episode recap before continuing on to this “Bonus Analysis” coverage.


So Mike is gone, but who is really surprised?  He started off on the wrong foot when he stole from the women’s supply pile just as the game began.  He wasn’t featured prominently, and he never did anything too exciting while on either tribe.  Mike was dead weight, for as much as I’m concerned.  While physically, he was a definite threat to everyone and somebody that you didn’t want to let hang
around for too long.


What we got in tonight’s episode was a great glimpse inside this season’s power alliance of Kim, Chelsea and Sabrina.  What we didn’t get was a full understanding as to why Troyzan and Jay ultimately decided to go along with voting Mike out.


As we saw, the vote at Tribal Council had two votes going for Tarzan from Christina and Alicia, and two votes going to Christina from Leif and
Tarzan.  Those four players – Tarzan, Christina, Alicia and Leif – seem to be the most disorganized and clueless players in quite a while.  Don’t get me wrong, I like all of them as players and seemingly as people, with Christina playing the best game of the bunch.  But they are totally
out of the loop and wouldn’t seem to know what to do with the loop even if they collectively stumbled upon it.


Why is Christina playing the better game of the four?  While not getting the same amount of air-time, Christina is playing a very Sandra-like under-the-radar game.  Her name is constantly mentioned, and she creates no waves, endlessly going with the “anybody but me” mentality.  Hey, it works.  With a group of highly strategic players like this cast, Christina could continue to drift closer and closer to the end, and
could end up as the lesser of evils to a bitter jury.  I mentioned this last week, and here she is getting through another week.  Mark my
words, Christina will be around for the long haul.


As for the power alliance, there were some very compelling developments.  Sabrina hasn’t had much of a spotlight on her the last few episodes, but when she laid out the game-plan to Kim at the 7-Up Oasis, she let us know that she is not just a tag-along to Kim.  She is thinking and in this to win.


Kim on the other hand, made a very risky move by pitting Troyzan against Mike, and it worked.  Not only did she pull it off, but she had to manage a few bumps in the road caused by Chelsea.


Chelsea is beginning to show signs of weakness in her social game.  A few episodes back, she began getting a bit more vocal than necessary at Tribal Councils, and this week she made a real slip-up when she spoke to Jay in front of Alicia and Christina.  She single-handedly almost ruined her game along with Kim and Sabrina’s.  Is Chelsea the weak link in the power alliance?  I still like Chelsea a lot, regardless of her relationship with her plastic surgeon.


The decision to vote out Mike was their best move, without a doubt.  Had Chelsea not had that talk with Jay, they would have still had the option to align with Jay and Troyzan as an alternative.  Not anymore.  Now that Jay is not trusting of the women, Kim, Chelsea and Sabrina may need to go full throttle with the women’s alliance to the end.  Only one alliance of women has ever kept it together until the end, so my bet is that they won’t be able to stay strong.  Tonight’s episode was the initial crack in what I predict will be the beginning of the end for Kim’s


So how can the men turn things around, as hinted at in next week’s preview?  Jay and Troyzan still have Tarzan and Leif floating in the wind, but would need two more in order to swing back into power.  The x-factor is Troyzan’s hidden Idol, and if he can find a way to play it the precise moment, he could flip the entire game on its head.  How would Chelsea and Sabrina respond if suddenly Kim and her Idol were blindsided right out of the game?


In my humble opinion, we are about to witness one of two things:  Either a methodical one-by-one expulsion of the remaining men, or a game-changing shake-up involving Kim, Chelsea or Sabrina getting handed a surprising blindside.  This latter scenario will open up the doors for a very interesting final stretch of episodes.


Be sure to comment below with your thoughts on Episode 8.  Is Troyzan and Jay in big trouble?  Will the women stay strong?


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