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Grimm episode 15 "Island of Dreams" recap

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Written by : published Monday 2nd April 2012

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Two thuggish slackers smoke an exotic brad of drug with extended horn bongs. Captain Ryder gives a woman, Evelyn, explicit instructions to make the Detective Hank Griffin go for her.

Juliet asks Nick for shooting lessons. Nick says he thought she didn’t like guns. Yes, it is a knock at he door. The repairman felt bad about the “misunderstanding”

The blond Evelyn goes into the spice shop. She has a list of things she wants. She insists on fresh stuff. As she leaves he gives it to her on the house. Then the two thugs come in and bust the place.

They demand to know where the “J” is. They want pharmaceutical grade, not the cheap stuff. They go down to the basement and horse around while the injured proprietor reaches for the alarm. On the way out they kick him to death when he tries to bite them.

Nick and Hank canvass the murder scene and note the blood in the mouth.

Rosalie Calvert is the next of kin in Seattle. She arrives and wants more details.

Evelyn mixes up some crafty spice cookies with her spell. Blood of the deceived and blood of the deceiver goes in. She sees the vial of blood Captain Ryder gave her because Hank recently had a physical. Then she gives Hank some chocolate chip cookies and he says although she already bought him dinner he likes the cookies. He likes the cookies.

“They’re incredible”. Don’t go giving those away, I made them just for you.” She walks away and Hank munches the cookies, thinking it over.

At the shop she GRIMMs and notice what Nick is. He is scared and says her brother was being supplied by Geyers. Whomever killed him was after something else.

Monroe goes over the records of the spice shop with Hank. Nick wants Monroe to eyeball the stuff in the spice shop. He wants to know what the thugs were after.

Monroe comes and meets Cheryl, and says he knew her brother he was a nice guy. He identifies a box of J and says it has an opiate effect on “us”.

Calvert tries to figure out how Monroe and Nick can be friends. “Its complicated” Monroe says. She says she can see that.

“Like meth mixed with rat poison and helium”. Terribly addictive, and Monroe says Nick has not heard of it because it’s not in the GRIMM world it is used.

Later that night the two thugs return. They come down to the boxes of J in the basement and are instantly angry the boxes have been opened. Cheryl hides in the basement and her phone begins to ring. She gets away and then calls Nick.

Cheryl tells Nick she cleaned up her act. Nick wants someone watching with her at the house and then when he suggests Hank She says she prefers Monroe because she has something in common with him (They revealed each other’s true self at the apartment).

Meanwhile Hank has increasingly erotic dreams featuring the blond.

Monroe knocks on Rosalie’s door and she says he gets the couch. “The guys that came to the shop are Skalangecks, you’ll be able to smell them a mile away. “

“Great” Monroe says. In the morning she wants to go back to the shop. Monroe calls Nick who says to stay with her. At the shop Natalie talks with Monroe, and she is burnt out and packs up, ready to leave Portland.

At the HQ, the vehicle associated with the brother is spotted on the street. Hank and Nick go to suss it out and Sergeant Lee eats Hank’s chocolate chip cookie.

At the building, Nick sees Hank act strangely. He walks around in a daze and lets the perp get away.

At the spice shop Sergeant Wu walks in and collapses on he floor. Monroe calls Nick and says Wu is looking really bad and Natalie has to cure him sing GRIMM techniques. nick comes and helps them make Wu drink an awful mixture Rosalie makes up.

Hank calls Evelyn. She turns him down for date while Captain Raydor watches in the background.

Rosalie says this last happened he some she knew ingested a zabatrunk.

Monroe moans. “It’s a pseudo psychological drug". Changes behaviors, draws out emotional behaviors versus what happened to Wu.

“We need an island of Dreams”. Rosalie says.

“A Traumenzel? Here ? “Monroe says. He points out to Nick he has just stolen a stash of drugs from powerfully addicted junkies who will now be forced to feed their habit elsewhere.

“They’re everywhere"’ Rosalie scores two Traumenzal passes and she and Nick move in.

The Island of Dreams is a set of drug haven tents meant for druggies to trip out. Nick locates the two thugs and attacks them. Everyone runs outside and one of them tries to kill Monrie with brick.

Wu comes out of his coma. He says he had weird dreams. When Nick leaves Wu stares and starts eating sofa cushion padding.

Monroe visits Rosalie and gives her flowers. She says she means to stick around. Monroe is *quite* pleased and offers to help out for the rest of the day.

Nick takes Juliet to the shooting range but she smokes a perfect round and he asks if she is sure she as ever doe this before?

Meanwhile Hank has even more sexy dreams.

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