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The Mentalist episode 19 "Pink Champagne on Ice" recap

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Written by : published Saturday 31st March 2012

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Lisbon and the gang draw a male body left on a freeway outside Nevada. The man is dead but Jane detects diet soda left in the abandoned car, there was a female passenger, he guesses. But no female body is left. They track the man to his place of employment,a nearby casino.

The dead man was a security guard with a criminal record. Lisbon questions the security chief how man with a record could get hired in a casino as a guard. The proud man arrogantly says he took care of the problem as soon as he was aware of it. They ask to see his paperwork.

Meanwhile Jane sees a poster of a magician act. He goes into the auditorium and watches the show. He recognizes the act and calls out that the man owes him $50. He knocks the guy off his game and he blow it hearing Patrick. Jane smiles and comes to his dressing room later. They knew each other 16 years ago and he got involved with drugs and is starting over.

The man is surprised that Jane is working with the police. “You, of all people”. Jane goes through his rap asking about the dead man, and the magician, Charlie, is amused to respond as part of the police “act”. Charlie says he does not know the dead man. But Charlie is nervous about something.

Meanwhile Rigsby and Cho detect back to the trailer park the car was registered to The woman in the trailer is found dead and nobody else is there. This is the roommate of the missing woman, Holly. Jane hangs out at the casino, and reviews the tricks used in the magic act, including a mirror table hiding things from the audience.

Lisbon and the gang find out the dead man had a fight in bar weeks ago but his parole officer let it slide. Lisbon says the casino is mobbed up. Van Pelt discovers the man was in the fight with the security chief from the casino. Jane interviews the owner of the casino, who did not know about the fight. He says the casino is legitimate and will host a poker tournament soon.

She later discovers that the missing woman, Holly, was employed as a waitress at the bar and that she called in sick for few days unexpectedly. Meanwhile Jane has discovered Charlie is casing the joint with two thugs. He walks in on them and forces an introduction. They are obviously casing the joint.

At the police station, the detectives think there is a love triangle a work. Jane laughingly listens.. He tells Lisbon he almost has the case cracked. Rigsby finds a photo of Charlie and the dead man, but Charlie said he never met the security guard.

Jane finds out what is really going on, that Charlie’s girlfriend Holly has been abducted by men who want him to rob the casino or they will kill her. Jane counsels him that he will rob the casino for him. The other two men can’t believe he is on the level, but Jane coolly forces them to go along. Then he goes to Lisbon and takes a meeting.

During the magic show, Charlie puts on a mask and exchanges places with the other man. Charlie intends to twirls the safe and crack it. Jane gets the key from the security chief, plucking it from his pocket. Lisbon, Rigsby, and Ho watch the magic show. The security chief observes his guard checkpoints.

When trying to rack the safe, Charlie gets cold feet and can’t do it. Jane gives the key to the other thug to return to the security chief while he uses a coin to hypnotize Charlie into relaxing enough to crack the safe. Then Jane wheels the safe into a stairwell where Lisbon is waiting.

The thugs and Jane and Charlie meet in the garage. They know nothing of the kidnapping. The assistant is sympathetic to Charlie’s problem. She is not in the garage. Jane steals the keys for the thugs car and they all agree to meet up after he pays the ransom and gets Holly back.

The thugs can’t get in their car because Jane stole their keys. Cho and Rigsby arrests them. On the road, Jane and Charlie stop the car and a woman brings Holly to them. Charlie is shocked he knows the woman. They line up as she gets ready to shoot them when Lisbon busts out of the safe and arrests the woman for kidnapping.

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