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The Vampire Diaries episode 18 "The Murder of One" recap

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Written by : published Saturday 31st March 2012

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Stefan and Alaric cut the sign from the bridge using his buzz-saw into 11 spikes they whittle. They met in the woods with Caroline to plan how to attack the originals. They want to attack only one and kill it so they can kill them all by virtue of the binding spell. The give Elena a crossbow. Elena can’t get hold of Bonnie.

Meanwhile in New York Finn gets approached by Klaus, who wants his help. Klaus needs blood from Finn and denounces his apathy. Rebekah is there with him. When Finn sees her he denounces her for helping Klaus, who kept them locked in a box for years.

Finn is uninterested in doing so until he sees Sage. Klaus needs some of his blood so Bonnie can undo the binding spell.

Rebekah has doubts about Klaus’ new direction. Sage hangs out in Mystic Falls, drinking in the bar. Stefan sits at the bar, listening in. He spikes their drinks with vervane. As they start to choke, he laughs and leaves.

Rebekah takes her revenge on Damon by putting him in chains at the mansion. Her feelings are hurt by him using her with Sage, and Damon points out her real problems are with the family, mainly Klaus. Because he kept her locked in a box for years. Rebekah is not sure she wants to go along with Klaus’ future plans.

When Damon does not come back, Stefan and Elena argue about saving Damon. Caroline and Alaric have a conversation where she talks about is killing her father. Ric drinks his potion.

As Bonnie performs the incantation Klaus watches over her. Klaus even shows Bonnie video of Jeremy who is not protected in a new life after all. Feeling horribly conflicted, Bonnie performs the spell.. Almost exactly at the same time, they attack Fin, who has been seen walking in the Mystic Falls town square with Sage.

But at the same time Stefan kills Finn and they think they have killed Klaus. Stefan believes they are all dead. Sage goes crazy and attacks them at the mansion and attacks Stefan, but she dies too. The others are shocked. Evidently all of the line dies when an Original dies.

Caroline and Elena realize when they kill an Original the bloodline of who they have turned dies as well. They track their turnings of Stefan and Damon back to a vampire named Rose. Caroline realizes if she kills Klaus, Tyler will die. Damon meanwhile is being drained. Klaus has compelled Bonnie into performing the spell with blood from each of the bound originals.

But then Elena finally calls Bonnie, who confesses what she has done. Elena and Stefan are disappointed to hear the spell as been broken and Klaus is not dead. Bonnie says Damon is held prisoner at the mansion.

Then Stefan takes 8 of the white oak daggers and brings them to Klaus to get Damon free. Klaus and Rebekah are shocked to learn about Finn and about the white oak daggers. Klaus compels Damon to get free and reveals he can still compel Damon. Klaus tells Stefan he has given him someone to hate in place of himself or what he is and that is why he needs him.

But Klaus compels Damon into revealing there are really three more daggers. Stefan is disgusted. Rebekah frees Damon as a show of good faith and tells Stefan to come back with the weapons or Klaus will rain fire. Klaus talks with Rebekah about the future and he plans to take the doppelganger and start a new breed of hybrids elsewhere.

Back at the mansion, Stefan tells Elena he is done, he can’t waste his life chasing Klaus anymore. Elena says that he won overcoming Klaus’s spell and coming out on top. Stefan says he sacrificed too much winning. he says unless she can look him in the eye and say she doesn’t have feelings for Damon, he will go. Enticingly she says she doesn’t know.

Then the door knocks, it is Damon. Stefan shrugs and leaves.

Then Damon comes to Ric, who can’t find his dagger, because his alter ego has done something with it. Damon is chilled to know the alter ego has it, because killing one of the Originals can kill them.

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