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CSI :Tune In, Turn On, and Drop Dead-recap

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Written by : published Sunday 27th February 2011

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With Haskell escaped, Ray is angry and Brass has no answers. Ray insists trying to catch Haskell with normal police methods won't work, and Brass says a lot of people are working on it.

A young man, a grad student in psychology, is brought to the CSI lab for forensic analysis but gets up and walks away. The examiner's phone rings and while he argues over domestic troubles the corpse sits up zombie style. The examiner yells "My business is death" as the zombie walks toward him from behind. The tech faints when he turns and sees the dead man walking. Next scene the CSIs look curiously at the empty slab.

They use the cameras to get a look at the exiting zombie and use his bus pass too. The materials at the student's place show a notebook. They find his diary and track it back to a mysterious professor of expermental drugs in the 1960's.
Ray and Sara locate one ex-University professor Dr. Aiden, a 60's throwback complete with some wacky papers and seriously strange ideas about psychology and near death experiences. Meanwhile Catherine tracks a cop who says a dead body is in an alley but when they go to find it, it's gone. The cop is freaked out because he took his vitals.

Surveillance footage of the CSI lab and the alley show two different "zombies" walking away.  Dr. Aiden has some strange and overdramatic ways of speaking that make Ray and Sara wonder what's up. Dr. Aiden says he was fired when one of his students took a drug laced step off the roof and killed himself. Aiden was blamed and discredited.

They ask what happened to his journal experiments. He says the lab was locked up years ago when he left. The doctor's lab has poisonous fish. These were used as the neurotoxin. The doctor can't supply any more clues but finds his deprivation tank to his delight still intact. Aiden opens it to find a dead body. It's the young man supposedly dead in the alley. The experimental drugs have had a fatal effect.
He says:(Howard Hesseman as Dr Aiden). "What's your clearance soldier?
Jorja Fox(Sara) : "Uh about 5'9'"".

They tour the doctor's lab and find other things missing. These include YouTube style video.  Ray believes the video was shot in the lab and then the poisoned students went out for experiences with the toxin altering their consciousness. Aiden reviews the evidence and says this will end badly, they don't know what they are doing. The dead zombie has not been found yet.
A wireless video camera was used to film the "ultimate step" of what lies beyond. The three students are one zombie named Max , one kid named Kurt who is missing, and Alice, an unidentified woman.

The narrator says on the tape behavior that the effects are manifesting. Then he heads to the Strip, where he fell on the ground and got rushed "dead" to the CSI lab.
Ray references "Altered States". He says he saw it with some "really good buds". Sara says go Dr. Ray. He says he only talks like a square. Ray says the adventure to free the mind is what the  deprivation tank is for. He says the body was frozen, mind was ablaze. Dr. Ray says he's been there. But Dr. Aiden does not understand how deadly the mixture of designer drugs and toxins are to the students. Ray posits that after a nightmare night on the paralyzing drug one kid came back to kill the other one out of rage.
The fish tanks signal further tox screen analysis. The dead body is used for analysis. Toxins block sodium channels desensitizing and paralyzing the victim. LSD and cannabis assisted the trip. Dr. Aiden further analyzes the video. He says "Flag on the play" because Kurt Dawson was led by Max into the beyond without telling them exactly what they were getting into. Ray points out that Max was modeling himself on Dr. Aiden using his notebook.

How did the body get diagnosed dead? The beginning of the episode shows techs following procedure before turning the body over to CSI.  The coroner flips out when he says the calibrated machines were wrongly tuned. He says to the EMT tech 'Put my assistant at risk again and you'll be unemployed".  Dr. Ray suspects the seriousness of the effects of the drugs was not clearly shown to the students.

The CSI team find the missing girl Alice's identity. Sara finds a Shinto shrine to the dead in Alice's bedroom. Catherine sees that she is on academic probation but received scholarship awards in the past. The mother's death made her seriously depressed. They find another of Dr. Aiden's notebooks. Alice took a picture of her mother's grave everyday.

The CSI crew visit the mother's grave at night with flashlights. They find Max sitting on the grave. He says he thought she would be here, speaking of Alice. Catherine tells him he's crashing from a bad trip. He runs and get run over by a car. Ray can't find signs of life but the same cop who saw the body in the alley says "I'm cuffing him anyway". Ray is tired of dead "experiments" stacking up and goes back to Dr. "Feelgood's" lair.
They find from the video that Alice was getting into an old Saab. But Nick says the Dr. Aiden owned an old c

ar like that.They realize that Dr. Aiden was coaching the kids into an experiment and has not been truthful with them. Nick finds her emails. Alice saw an anonymous comment with "brilliant insights" online. Nick finds emails between them. It was Dr. Aiden supplied Alice with the drug directly, leading the experiments.

Ray finds more video camera tape, from that day. Dr. Aiden narrates the sessions, prodding Alice for answers. He filmed the sessions with Alice on videotape. But they find a tape of the Doctor taking the drug himself. They find him by the pond, paralyzed and comatose; drugged. Ray says depriving his brain of that much oxygen at his age is a mistake, he'll never come out of the spell. Sara asks what rabbit hole Alice has fallen into, meaning Alice the missing girl. With Dr. Aiden a zombie, who knows? Later he comes out it, miserable at the lack of insight.
Meanwhile Nick Stokes looks deeper into the sheds and housing at the Doctor's residence. Alice is still missing. He finds her and says they've been looking for her. Alice is still under the drug's influence. She says she saw her mother who said she was happy and to go back. She ask about Max and Kurt, but is told they are dead. The kids took the risks the Doctor didn't and paid the price.
Ray speaks to the coroner about what happens to the dead after death. The coroner says  a few Sunday School sentiments, but Dr. Ray says he thinks wrongs committed in life should be repaid twice over in death. Haskell, and Dr. Aiden, are on his mind.

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