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Survivor: One World Episode 7 – No hard feelings, brother

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Written by : published Thursday 29th March 2012

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And just like that, the sushi chef swims with the fishes.

No matter which way Jonas sliced it, he just wasn’t able to find a comfortable alliance out there this season.  As he left the game, he told Tarzan that he harbored “no hard feelings” after their intense, cuss-filled feuds over the past few days.  Like a true strategist looking to win favor with his future jury, Tarzan denied the olive branch and told him, “Hard feelings to you.”

In case you missed the episode, be sure to get caught up by watching Episode 7 of Survivor: One World, and then be sure to read my weekly Survivor Examiner episode recap before continuing on to this “Bonus Analysis” coverage.

Jonas was targeted as being the biggest threat of the most recent Manono tribe.  When compared to the likes of Leif, Tarzan, Alicia and Christina, it would be hard not to be seen as a threat.  No offense to any of these players, it’s just that Jonas seemed to be the bigger strategist of the group, with the best chance of growing relationships with the other members of Salani.  There is no question that Kim and Chelsea’s alliance made the right strategic move.

As Chelsea stated this episode, there is a lot of “dead weight” still floating through the game.  She may want to be careful though, because dead weight left unattended long enough can end up sinking the entire ship.

Trying to invoke the spirit of “no hard feelings,” I’m going to lay it out on the line as to who is the “dead weight” left in the game.  All of these people are nice people, and there is truly nobody left in the game that I dislike.  So remember that things change quickly on Survivor, and one episode’s dead weight can be another episode’s shining star.

Dead Weight.  So who belongs in this category currently?  Tarzan is the obvious choice, but he is the perfect specimen to be left alone until the end, if people can stomach him and his poopy drawers.  Tarzan, like Colton, had no shot of winning from the first time they opened their mouths.  Again, I like Tarzan and he is clearly a smart dude, but his social-awkwardness leaves him no chance at winning a game such as Survivor.

More dead weight comes in the form of Alicia, Kat and Leif.  Alicia doesn’t seem well-liked enough by either tribe to make a serious case for the million.  While Kat and Leif seem like genuine people, they are both viewed as weak and aloof, and unless they make major moves along the way, neither will be seen as having played a strong enough game to win jury votes.

Left out of this group is Christina, who is in an interesting position with her head always looming near the chopping block.  She is without an alliance, but being female she could benefit if Kim and Chelsea decide to go the girl-power route.  Getting deep enough into the game, she could turn into a potentially powerful swing vote as the girls start to pick each other apart.  With little to no blood on her hands, could Christina be a dark horse to win in the end, receiving votes by a bitter jury who may not want to vote for the others beside her?

If Jonas made one great point, it was that Michael is a huge threat to everybody’s game the longer he remains.  Michael doesn’t seem to have a real alliance, but his physicality could end up carrying him all the way to the end.  We have seen many seasons where a player is rewarded with the million for their strong showing down the stretch in challenges.  If anybody is in a position to dominate from this standpoint, it’s Michael.

Power Alliance.  Troyzan finding an Idol was a huge development in the game, made even more powerful by the fact that he seems to have kept this a secret for the time being.  When he told Jonas that he was on the chopping block, I thought that Troyzan may have been sticking with the guys after all, which could have been really interesting.  But he is with his Salani tribe for now, and shouldn’t be an immediate threat to them unless they discover he’s packing an Idol.

But make no mistake, this is still Kim’s game to lose.  With an Idol, a close ally in Chelsea, and a powerful alliance at her beck and call, Kim seems to be in total control.  The preview of next week’s episode shows us a real dilemma, as she is shown debating whether to stick to her new alliance or to re-unite with the girls to wipe out the men.  Her downfall though, could also be the fact that she is in control, as she will have the blood on her hands if and when she needs to backstab her way to the Final 3.  It is for this reason, that Chelsea remains a strong candidate to win it all…if she can ride things out with Kim and come across as the less-aggressive of the two.

Jay and Sabrina are still in position to win it all too, and their defining moment may be choosing the precise time to turn on Kim and Chelsea.

Not being able to predict Immunity winners, the pecking order should clearly include getting rid of Leif, Tarzan, Alicia and Michael.  That is, unless somebody sees an opportunity to string one of them along to be the goat.  The good news is that I don’t remember a recent season where there are so many potential winners still remaining in the game at this point.  The bad news is that we have reached that historic stretch of episodes that usually becomes a bit boring, tedious and predictable, as the so-called dead weight is cut loose.

Here’s hoping that Survivor: One World can break the patterns of previous seasons over the next few episodes.  If not, of course, no hard feelings.

Be sure to comment below with your thoughts on who you think is in the best position to win it all!

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