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Ringer episode 19 "Let's Kill Bridget" recap

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Written by : published Thursday 29th March 2012

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Henry is panicked in custody. He says he didn’t kill the other man, it was an accident in the struggle he hit his had on a table before he fell to the floor.

Agent Machado shows Andrew and Bridget the tarot card. He says it was on the man who shot her. They traced it back to a dry cleaners. Bridget asks how Boddaway’s henchman fit in. His van was located blocks from where his boy was discovered.

Machado says that Ecknett was following Malcolm and that he thought he found Bridget. Andrew blows up at Machado and says how many more people are going to be killed because of Machado’s incompetence. Andrew takes more investor calls about Olivia and his shooting.

She saw Boddaway kill the people Jimmy Kemper is in jail for. He said to her that half the Bureau is on the payroll. But Bridget does research online. Club caged the night of Chaylene Brigg’s murder. Machado came after Bridget. He says the only safe thing for her is witness protection.

Agent Machado busts a man taking a suit from the dry cleaners he recognizes him as an agent of Boddaway’s sent in place of the one that was fond murdered in the park. The man won’t talk so Machado rips the sit apart and find money laced up in the lining.

The man says the suit is a little out of his price range. Machado beats him up and the man spits on him. Many people watch. He is a courier for Boddaway’s money. But when the man won’t come clean he roughs him up with people and cellphone watching. Machado gets suspended by his boss.

Juliette comes to see Catherine and says Andrew has put the Palm Springs house on the market. She deleted an email from Tobias Shecht inquiring about the property so Andrew doesn’t know. Juliette says she deleted the email so Andrew doesn’t know about it. Shecht is a handsome man. Juliette says she bets her mother has Tessa’s Mr. Carpenters and her money.

Bridget has drinks with Machado and she offers to testify as Bridget. He confesses he is suspended and he was in love with the informant keeping people alive is more important. Bridget remembers how the girl spoke about the love affair with Machado at the Club a year ago.

Katharine Martin introduces herself to Schecht. He is a handsome man and she smells a rat. He is a green energy future. The massive green energy pulsing through it. She finds wind turbines very sexy. He wants the land. Can they arrive at a mutually satisfying figure?

Katharine comes to Andrew’s home. She bids three million dollars and he says it is worth three times the value for the land alone She tells Andrew to make her a drink. They talk about a giant tarantula that got loose in the Palm Springs house over more drinks. She starts to kiss Andrew. He says no to the kiss but he will entertain a fair offer.

Meanwhile Machado tells Bridget since Boddaway won’t stop looking for Bridget until he kills her why don’t they feign killing Bridget in advance? He says they could make it look like a drug deal gone bad. Outside, Siobhan watches them talk together.

Siobhan comes up to Bridget with a gun in her fantasies. She says no matter what she does Bridget makes things work because Andrew loves her. Even in Lake Tahoe Bridget was able to make things work when Siobhan couldn’t.

Catherine walks into the bar and confirms with the lawyer about wiring the ten million dollars. She smiles when she sees Schecht but then frowns when the man next to him at the bar turns around. It is Andrew Martin. He knows everything and she has lost the money back to him.

He says you almost drove me and Juliette apart. But in a flashback we see Juliette confessing because Siobhan/Bridget set a deadline or she would. Andrew then set up the sting to make Catherine think the land was worth triple what she paid to sell to Shecht. He says she can’t say anything or she will never see Juliette from the visitation agreements again.

Henry tries to get through to Tim Arbogast. He is angry that they are waiting and scheming. He plans to let Andrew go to jail and Siobhan can reclaim her identity once he is put away. She says she has been siphoning money from Martin Charles courtesy of Tyler in Paris. Henry say if they are going to build a,life together they have to try,

He stops Tim on the street and gives him the flash drive to prove that Martin Charles is a hoax. He then does Google searches about Martin Charles and Ponzi scheme but there are no results.

Detective Towers comes to Henry about the murder of Tyler Barrett. He goes for questioning. He haughtily names his lawyers. The detective says he better call the public defender, those are his father-in-law’s lawyers. They say Tim turned him in. His having the hard drive made him look guilty and they had him on the security cameras as being in the hotel room.

In the Bronx, Machado leads Bridget into an abandoned messy factory with poured slabs and they work to frame the pictures of her dead. Solomon calls to see if she will testify. From across the street, while Machado and Bridget move around, an assassin works a complicated scope to try to kill them. But they keep moving around.

Machado and Bridget keep moving around and then Siobhan screams because the hooded man is right behind Machado. He knocks Machado off and he shoots Bridget dead. Then Machado jumps him and kills him. Bridget gets up (wearing a vest) as Machado tears his mask off. Bridget gasps, it is the man who tried to killer months ago and Machado demands she tell him everything.

The man’s phone rings and Machado answers it but they hang up.

Across town Katharine Martin hangs up the phone. She is the one who wanted Siobhan dead from the beginning!

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