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Unforgettable episode 19 Allegiances recap

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Written by : published Thursday 29th March 2012

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Carrie wears a red dress and walks around a party. Her mafia boyfriend throws a party and she is a guest. She meets his father and she sees more of the people who make up his world. Carrie smiles and laughs. One of his cousins pulls them down to the basement room and shows off a gift, a case of rare Italian Barolo wine.

One of his other cousins writes a number down and she and her date laugh about what she has detected so far. Carrie laughs and says “Your uncle Vincent is stealing his pay per view”.

His friend Tommy just got out of jail and they say they are cousins. The family is nice to her. They call her memory girl. Steve says he should be careful how he speaks in front of her anyway.

Next day they see a girl dead in a bathtub. She’s an ESL teacher from Queens. Eddie Delbello is in the picture she sees on the table. (This is the man who gave her date the case of wine). She tells Al. She says he met him last night at a party at Steve Gioff’s restaurant. Al gives her a dirty look and walks away.

They find a warehouse where the connected man was by backtracking his GPS. Eddie is found by Carrie dead in a crate. Organized crime is in on the bust. The crates are stacked to the ceiling, like the Barolo case she saw at Steve’s restaurant. Carries goes to Steve and asks direct questions about how he funded his restaurant and what kind of a front he is.

Steve is angry Carrie wants to confront one of the suppliers deep in the “trade”. He says that she is digging too hard and she says she is doing her job and he better add up. Steve says the man is like a brother to him and they have been through hard times.

The detective from the organized crime department (Rachel Ticotin) comes into the HQ and claims the case. Al calls Carrie in and tells her she is off the case. The other staff are not 100% sold this is a good idea. Saunders in particular assists Carrie staking out a rival restaurant and place of business for the thugs. He sees Carrie get that “look” on her face as if she remembered something critical.

Carrie goes to the other restaurant bar and the bartender won’t tell her anything knows she is a cop, and won’t serve her anything but water. But while they talk Carrie sees the number the cousin jotted down at the party. In her memory, she sees him write it at the party while they are on the stairway. She also sees her colleague use the number to open the alarm on Francine’s apartment.

Carrie realizes that the “brother” was skimming crates from the warehouse and Steve got capped for the blame. Joanne Webster (Jane Curtin) performs the autopsy herself. In a forensic examination, they find the dead girl Francine and the dead man in the crate both had the same Italian food meal in their stomachs. But she was dead in her apartment and he was killed at the warehouse. Why leave the merchandise and the dead body?

His car was was still parked outside her apartment The woman’s teacher colleague says they were going to get married. Carrie thinks the death was warning to whomever was really stealing the stuff. Carrie closes in on where Steve is meeting with his “brother” to talk some sense into him. But the brother is envious of Steve and says he got everything handed to him.

The brother weasels out of any common senses Steve is trying to talk into him. Carrie arrives and tries to bring him in saying she believes he is innocent but he has to turn himself in. The brother turns it on Steve, asking what has he set himself up for? Steve can’t speak fast enough as the man runs in the other direction.

Al gets call from the detective of organized crime, who says the are driving to where Steve and the brother are meeting, assuming to discuss the details of these “crimes”. Al tries to get hold of Carrie but it is too late. The organized crimes detective and her squad of about twenty people converge on the two men, scaring the hell out of the brother, who runs screaming the other way.

He screams at Steve, saying what did he do to him and starts running to the middle of the plaza. About forty NYPD cops come out of nowhere with guns pointed straight at him. He pulls a gun, at which point the officers start shooting.

The approaching Feds and cops start shooting. The brother Tommy lies dead on the ground. He pulled a gun and got shot six times in the chest. Carrie pushes Steve down on the ground. Vega was convinced she is dirty.

They found a shirt of Francine’s with her boyfriend’s blood on it. Carrie begs Al to put her back on the case. Al says OK and is happy to know that she and Steve have not spoken and probably will not speak again.

Webster says to Tommy is not Organized Crime solved. Eddie was shot at close range with .44 which may have not have residue on her shooter’s hands. A right handed person killed Francine, with very large hands, scarring in the carpal area where he broke his wrist as a child.

The bath water had ethyl acetate also found in the abrasions adhesive and pesticide and perfume paint confectionery. Carrie remembers the bar tough making a model airplane. With Al sitting in the bar behind her, she goes in and grabs the model, breaking it.

The man watches sullenly as she says she used the information on the board behind him to call up his past crimes. He says she has no proof but then he says the stuff in the glue was found in he scratches on Francine and in her bathwater and in her lungs. He grabs a bottle and breaks it, turning and threatening Carrie.
Al drops him and Carrie kicks him and he is arrested.

Carrie meets Steve later on the waterside. She says she walked by the restaurant but it was closed. Carrie learns they are giving Tommy a wake. Carrie says they got the guy really responsible, another mafia thug who used the tough to send a message. Steve says thanks for getting him, thanks for getting the guy who killed his cousin.

Steve and Carrie know it is over. He says to remember the good moments and they quote from Romeo and Juliet, Steve says he noticed Al pop up and look after her. Carrie says that Al was there for her, not him. He nods. Then Steve gets in a black car and drives off. Carries walks on alone.

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