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Smash episode 8 "The Coup" recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 27th March 2012

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Derek makes plans with Karen for a secret song a third party is writing. Karen is not sure she should take the job. Julia fires Michael who says he was going to quit anyway. He wanted to be with his family. Julia’s husband Frank sings “Don’t worry be happy”.

Ellis figures out Derek is going behind Julia’s back. He knows about this and tells Joe. He drops off something to have an excuse to eavesdrop on Aileen. Ellis asks to have her furniture sorted ad she says no. Aileen lives with no furniture because she has no money.

The DJ for Karen’s song is the lead singer of One Republic. Karen catches that Derek barely knows what he is doing. They try out a new song.

Aileen’s daughter shows up and say her father put $3 million in her bank account. She tries to smooth the waters in a meeting between father and mother.

Karen’s boyfriend is in trouble at work. The other man Denby will be promoted. But when Karen buys food to make curry she learns her boyfriend is having drinks with the reporter girl R.J. The reporter Karen is jealous of has photos of the competitor he sent to an underage girl in Washington DC.

Julia goes to court with Tom’s boyfriend and the lawyer and he gets the son Leo off the charges. Julia yells about justice and what is right. The boyfriend says that he likes his tribe.

Ellis says that Derek is up to something. Ellis hints that something is going on. e tells ivy, who tells theater dancers. One of the asks Karen straight up, knowing she isn’t supposed to talk about it. Karen says nobody is supposed to know.

Ellis crawls into bed with one of the dancers and calls Tom and Ivy a loser. He says he wants to quit working for Tom anyway. He says artists get treated like dirt and he wants to be a producer.

Mahatma Katie hangs a carpet on her wall. Eileen brings her daughter to her new favorite bar. The daughter sees the handsome bartender and says she can see why. Katie thinks her father wants Eileen back.

Karen’s boyfriend gets pressure from Denby. His conscience disappears. The man says his conscience is a luxury he can’t afford.
Karen gets home to find her boyfriend getting hugged by the reporter. She says everybody in her set is lying why should it be different.

Eileen’s daughter tries to get her father to give her mother money. She sees Ellis eavesdropping and open and slams the door in his face. He the answers the phone to get the high sign from Derek about the thing with Karen. When Ellis guesses what it is all about Derek brusquely asks him just to deliver the message.

Ellis drops the news to Ivy. Ellis tells Ivy that Derek is up to something with Karen Carpenter.

Aileen walks in and so does Ivy with Tom and Julia and Ivy. They play astonishment to not know what is going on. Karen sings a seductive number “Touch Me” dressed only in a bed sheet in a bed with dark figures moving seductively all around. Her talent is unmistakable.

Julia and Tom pout and throw a fit they have not been included in the plans, and Ryan fades out saying he would not been a part of it had he not known that the principals were not behind the project. Derek says there is a contemporary idea of Marilyn.

But Aileen’s daughter pulls her outside. She says this is exactly the kind of thing her father would pull. Aileen says that her father is a good businessman. Mahatma Katie wants to put something good into the world. Katie says to turn into her father is not Aileen.

After the performance outside Ivy catches Karen. She says she shouldn't feel so bad hurting Julia and stabbing them in the back. Ivy says it’s like that it’s all part of the business. Karen is speechless and hurt.

But when Julia and Eileen and Tom and Derek fight Ellis steps forward and says they need to meet the next day for tomorrow and discuss the next step. When the car comes Aileen pulls Ellis into it.

Tom tries to tell Derek about eleven years ago. Derek says gay men own the New York theater scene but whine about it. Tom calls Derek a homophobe and that there was one reason, the critic wrote these things about Tom eleven years ago was because the critic was sleeping with Derek’s father.

Apparently everyone knew about it. Tom says Derek went around telling every director he was unsafe and hard to work with. Derek says that was eleven years ago. Then Derek says that is a very interesting proposition the way things stand. He is hard to work with and unstable.

Derek says the songs are beautiful but Marilyn was not just a gay male fantasy but a drug addicted desperate woman in a harsh time and his and Julia’s songs don’t show that side of Marilyn, which is part of her fascinating mystery the public wants. Tom says he isn’t quitting and Derek says he is not either.

The next day at the office Aileen and Derek say they have to find a name talent to play Marilyn. Ivy won’t cut it. Ellis has an office outside Aileen’s and is now working for her and not Tom.

At home, Ivy feels like a loser. Derek comes by and they make love.

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