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Mad Men - A Little Kiss - recap

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Written by : published Saturday 31st March 2012

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Megan holds a surprise birthday party for Don with the office people and sings a sexy song for Don and does a burlesque striptease at the new apartment. Don is both embarrassed and trapped into handling the situation. The office goes along with the sham. (She knows he is really Dick Whitman). Peggy and Megan’s young hippie friends counter to the older generation.

Don prints an ad for Y&R for an open position. They are being picketed for race relations and equal opportunity in hiring. Don’s ad says they are a equal opportunity employer. Joan Harris sees the ad and thinks she is out of a job. She brings the baby to the office.

The head of TV, Harry Campbell, and is told to give his office to Stan. He thinks Roger wants to talk about what happened between him and Megan. He thinks he might be fired and Roger has to bribe him $1,100 in cash to switch offices with Pete. Pete sees Roger scanning his day planner to find out what he has in the works.

Mrs. Harris comes into the office and gets the impression her job is gone. The new receptionist is a tad confused. The Brit Mr. Pryce says the finances are being held together with tape until she comes back. Even Roger holds the baby. The baby gets handed round while Joan meets with Pryce.

Pryce tells Mrs. Harris about Megan’s striptease. He does a sort of version, amusing Joan. She tactfully wants to know Don‘s uptight reaction, “I saw his soul leave his body”. Joan is upset nobody sent her a cake and Pryce says she was not there to do it.

A woman called Dolores calls the Brit Mr. Pryce and makes overtures. He is not sure whether or not he is taking advantage.

Megan’s party brings up problems. Megan tells Peggy she is upset and then Peggy tells Don she left work for the day. Don packs up to leave upon hearing this.

Peggy apologies for upsetting Megan. She says she should not be allowed to drink at work functions.

Mr. Polito the owner of the wallet shows up. Pryce has been reviewing the picture in it of Dolores his caller. The man counts his cash to see if Pryce took money. He offers a reward and Pryce says he could not accept it and then Polito tucks cash in Pryce’s pocket and calls him a real gentleman.

When Don gets home Megan is trying to clean the apartment. She is wearing a bikini and says to stop looking at him. He doesn’t like presents he doesn’t like nice things he doesn’t get to look at her. Megan plays weird sex games and Don takes her to bed.

Pete sits in his new office. He tells his office secretary to to make a 6 A.M. appointment with Coca Cola. He knows Roger will sniff it out and show up. He enjoys being the “head’ of the agency’s incoming business. He is amused that Sterling will get up at 6 A.M. Roger does so, irritably.

Megan says the people at work do not like her. Don says he didn’t want to have the party because he did not want to have them in their home. He says there is not one problem those people had they didn’t have before she came there. He says he wants her there because he wants her nearby.

Megan wants white carpet. He says he just wanted her to have what she wants. Mrs. Pryce wants the name of the interior decorator Megan uses but the Pryce's get a reminder bill about his school fees.

Young & Rubicam send an African black fertility statue. The applicants in the lobby see the statue. Mr. Pryce says that they are only looking for secretaries. The women lineup to hand in their resumes as Don, Roger and Mr. Cooper and Pete stand by.

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