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CSI Miami - Law and Disorder - recap

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Written by : published Monday 26th March 2012

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An evil attorney, Vogel (Malcolm McDowell), returns and battles Horatio and wins a round. A blond woman walks through a nightclub completely disoriented. Her vision is blurred and she can barely walk. A waiter asks if she wants a drink and then suggests she gets some air. She comes out into the daytime air. A man runs over her with his car but says he did not see her.

She was already dead when the car hit her. She’s cyanotic, the forensic examiner says, she was poisoned minutes ago. Frank is ordered by Horatio to lock it down. They interview the people at the club.

Erik and Callie find her purse in the trash. She is Denise Baines. They find nerve agent in her eye dropper. The odor and color narrow it to serin poison according to the coroner. Anyone even close might get sick too.

One of the valets put a puking woman in a cab. Delko tests the hundred dollar bill the woman gave the valet and it tests positive for the Serin. They check out a local cab out call about a woman who threw up on the sidewalk. Walter gets an address.

Frank and Samantha track the address of the cab company. They track the storehouse and go through it. The woman is throwing up and crying up on the ground. But then she attacks Frank and almost reaches for the gas to spray him he barely gets away until Samantha gets her.

Frank sees the bag of money she was paid to kill Denise with. In a back-flash the ladie’s room is where the woman put the gas in Denise’s bag. She refuses to talk and laughs in their faces.

She took apart his gun in her hand and had special training. They speculate why she got poison on her self.

Delko and Boa Vista test the Denise woman’s home for clues. They find a lot of Chinese food boxes and then think maybe she had a guest. They find a dress with a semen stain and Boa Vista give it to Delko to bag up.

But Delko hears a domestic disturbance and goes to break it up. They find articles and posit that she was writing an article for the Miami Beacon. The neighbors say a different guy every night. They say she was promiscuous. Delko gives them his card and tells the man to go cool off somewhere else.

At the station Erik get his cut fixed up by Callie. She says she is thinking about adopting Austin North and his sister. He says he would love to help if she needs it. Parenting alone is hard but Callie says what these kids need is stability and they were on and off and on and anything but stable.

Nat calls Horatio to tell him that the semen stain was from head city councilman Stafford. Horatio comes to the press conference and says to his back if he was involved in the murder of Denise Baines. He says she was investigating him for an article. Things went too far.

Horatio embarrasses Stafford at the press conference and pulls him out of a drone research meeting with the press for an arrest conference. Vogel shows up as his representation. Horatio is not pleased. Vogel gets Stafford out of any charges and they leave. Vogel knew abut the hallway disturbance and when Erik left the dress unattended.

Hrato says to Erik “We have to talk”. Erik says later there is no way the dress was tainted and Horatio says that is not the point. How did Vogel know about the hallway or where Erik was or what he was doing? He has been a step ahead of them every step of the way

Boa Vista and Ryan research the evidence found in the articles of Denise Baines. Boa Vista reads the notes in stenography that Baines left. The find that Council Stafford put a repaving order on an alleyway outside a club where a murder took place. They dig up the alley and find shell casings that have a fingerprint on Casale for murder.

Ryan watches Samantha’s boyfriend, ASA Josh, hang around the lab. Samantha hands in a photo report with up to five appropriate shell casings. They have Casale’s prints on them. Ruiz was killed with a nine millimeter. This cross contamination will make the evidence inadmissible in court. But they don’t find that out until the lawyer shows up.

Vogel shows up as Casale’s representation. He looks at the photo .Horatio says he thought he told Vogel to stay out of Miami. But Vogel has an assistant who points out that Erik let the dress of his sight for a minute which taints it for admission to a judge he walks out and Horatio says “Don’t get comfortable.”

He looks at the comparison casings found in the alleyway. The .45 casing has no origination and that means inadmissible in court. Ryan is amazed. He looks at Samantha, who is speechless.

They look at Vogel’s other clients. Walter says they have all been acquitted or charges dropped. Erik Delko sees a familiar face. The red head man is a client of Vogel’s whose charged got dropped on a beef a year ago. Delko realizes the red headed man faked the fight in the hallway to break chain of custody.

Horatio confronts the Councilman. He outed Denise to Vogel. He says he has a family. Denise was going to publish what she knew. Horatio says his family will be next, and the Councilman needs to testify against Vogel. Horatio gets a call about Vogel at the police HQ.

Horatio tells Vogel about Councilman Stafford. Boa Vista says Vogel is blackmailing his clients. Miss Wade confesses she hired Clyde Novak to stage the fight.

Vogel says he will make sure she gets the best representation. Vogel watches while Horatio asks her if she has ever been to jail. Gabrielle Wade confesses. She says no and Horatio commends her on her blind loyalty.

Minutes later Vogel gives a press conference saying Samantha’s tainting of cases. Suddenly all of her cases are open to question and review. Samantha walks into the lab and tells Ryan she is finished. Ryan asks if he approached her at the gym, or vice versa, and where did she meet her boyfriend. Josh is contaminating the lab.

“The Assistant State Attorney had access to our trace lab.” Flashback shows him planting evidence as in current time he sits in Vogel’s law firm being praised and having a drink with Vogel. The older man is gleeful having broken down the CSI lab’s public perception of professionalism.

Vogel says to Josh “The next order of business is to make sure that Lt. Kane never bothers this law firm again.” Josh looks vaguely uncomfortable but cooperative.

Samantha, at the CSI lab, says if this true then she is finished. Ryan says not if have anything to say about it.

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