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Kitchen Nightmares - Charlie's - recap

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Written by : published Monday 26th March 2012

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A very confused trio of women manage the restaurant. They are very passive and frozen. Tatiana, a waitress, had a chance to buy the restaurant and her sister and mother leveraged their homes. The mother and the sister mortgaged their homes to allow the purchase. All three call themselves managers.

Tatiana has worked at Charlie’s since she was 20 years old. om put her retirement money. The sister and mother put their home money. Tatiana put in about $1,000. Tatiana makes the decisions but has another full time job. Gordon learns Tatiana made no changes since buying to company.

Gordon says they brought her into a mess. Tatiana says they do not treat her like a equal third. They would get out of it if they could. The sister says she does not have the burden of losing her house so the accountability is not the same.

Gordon is warned off the lasagna. Kasimerov the head chef is considered a nut case. Tatiana has her car and cellphone costs taken cafe of but the sister and mother work for the same amount. Tatiana states in an interview she gets about $2 an hour trying to recover investment costs but she has another job and not placed anywhere near the monetary investment.

Genevieve the waitress says he does not like any of the food so she does not think he will either. She says she would never have recommended the ravioli. They are really raw or like cardboard.

The frutte di mare is terrible mush but Tatiana refuse to engage while watching him meat. Tatiana is displeased to see Genevieve talking to Ramsay. The lasagna is vile. When Gordon Ramsay asks if it was microwaved. Tatiana interrupts from across the room “Don’t answer a question you don’t know”. Ramsay is perplexed.

Tatiana freaks out from across the restaurant but refuses to engage because he hates the food. Ramsay says the pizza dough is raw on the underside. Tatiana is a mess. Charlie is the owner who sold the restaurant to Simon who sold it to Tatiana. She (rightly) fears a dressing down by Gordon. It is coming.

There are no customers coming into the restaurant at night. Only a few tables a day are served food. The others say looking back the made a very bad and risky, stupid decision. Tatiana acts meanly and says very abusive things while swanning about with a glass of wine.

The waitress is told not to t the food back to the chef (against Ramsay’s wishes).
Ramsay says the mussels and the shrimp are not fresh. Tatiana murmurs threateningly against Genevieve from about ten feet away.

Genevieve says the lasagna is vile. Ramsay asks why the sauce is bizarre and pink. Tatiana cuts off Genevieve answering Ramsay’s questions about the food being microwaved. Tatiana whimpers about ten times that “he hates our pizza”.

Gordon says the food is terrible and he doesn’t know what all the laughter and the giggling is about. Ramsay tells the chef how disgusting the food is. Tatiana says she trust him that he knows what he is doing. The overcooked linguine, solid shrimps, and not fresh mussels motivate Gordon to search the kitchen.

Ramsay asks can’t they make meatballs. They say their hands are tied. Tatiana has been ordering frozen food and tying the chef’s hands behind his back. Ramsay finds frozen pizza dough and more frozen pizza dough. A lot of froze food is thrown out daily.

She translates that when there is not time enough. People aren’t ordering the food and he says he doe snot have enough time to prepare the food. Tatiana is an airhead, according to Gordon. Ramsay says why are you looking for sympathy. It was her dream. Gordon says he certainly wouldn’t have pulled his sister and his parents into his ego dream.

“What the hell were you thinking?” Tatiana goes running out and Gordon asks where she is going. She did not make changes and thought the restaurant would work. She needs to be knocked off her high horse.

Tatiana says she feels all alone and worthless and she does not now what to do.

Gordon Ramsay puts the sister and chef Kasimerov to work making a meatball. Ramsay will be back to taste each meatball from the other. Chef praises the sister’s meatball and stupidly Tatiana surprises Kazimerov’s unseasoned meatball and tells him he is a good chef. The mother and sister hold their heads in their hands.

Kazimerov says he wants to work slowly. He says he wants to work slowly on one ticket at a time. Customers send his food back. Ramsay interrupts Kazmerov cooking something weird and then Ramsay finds out that Kazimerov can’t work with Ramsay watching him.

The meatballs are toasted on one side and not on the other. Ramsay says when I can’t watch a chef and sticks food up there bought in store bought food. Ramsay says if his house is on the line would he be cooking like a fucking idiot.

He laughs at what Ramsay has to say. He says to Tatiana she has her head up her ass. Tatiana admits maybe she doesn’t know how to run a restaurant. Tatiana whimpers that she thought Kazimerov was her friend. Ramsay mentions that her sister has got kids too. Tatiana says she put him up on a pedestal.

Ramsay points out that Chef Kazimerov has refused to cook properly the store bought food that Ramsay went out and bought for him to heat up before the restaurant opened. Tatiana cries and whimpers some more. Ramsay is disgusted. The chef now refuses to cook.

Tatiana says she has been his friend for ten years and it is her business. Tatiana keeps whimpering.

“Chef don’t leave please don’t leave”. Tatiana says that the chef has outlasted two owners. Tatian is to scared to upset somebody but will see three family members homeless. Now Tatiana is so embarrassed she is paralyzed. She said that she has been walking around with a sheet over her face and not see things that were easy.

Tatiana says to her mother and sister she needs to fire Kazimerov but the mother says she needs time. After the last customer leaves Tatiana clears the others out of the kitchen and starts crying. She fires him and goes into the bathroom, sobbing. After Ramsay comes back in he says he is there to support her.

The next day Ramsay introduces Jonathan, a real chef for a month. Also is sous chef Peter. Jonathan will find and train a new chef. They work the new menu items and train Tatiana to know more about how the kitchen works.

Tatiana must work alongside Jonathan to understand the workings of a kitchen. Ramsay is shocked to learn she has never made a white sauce. But Tatiana is anxious to learn from the ground up. She models her version on the chefs and they make pizzas too.

Ramsay redoes the the new menu with a new foccacia and new salads. The pizzas are much improved. The en-trees have salmon and white bean ragout. The spaghetti and pizza very simple. Ramsay is looking to make much of the pizza oven. He says this is a good asset.

Reach night is better food but technical problems. The service is confused because the tables are receiving en-trees at the wrong time. The breakdown of communication between the wait staff and the pizza oven workers. Tatiana and Ramsay are frustrated. But Tatiana makes a pep talk and the service comes up and they push the last tickets out.

Gordon Ramsay give Tatiana a final pep talk. Tatiana says he changes live and has literally save them. Her dream has come true. More importantly she is in control of her business. Chef Jonathan afterward fond a good chef. The relationship with the family is better.

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