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White Collar - Stealing Home - recap

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Written by : published Sunday 25th March 2012

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Peter and Neal stake out the new target: a world class thief named Gordon Taylor. He never uses violence or guns. He is in town which means there is a score afoot. He has a celebrity status and wins the affection of even his victims. He cannot be caught. He owns a French villa the size of Alcatraz.

“Nobody gets caught everybody gets paid”s Taylor’s motto. He is handsome and sleek and Peter wants him caught. After the briefing Diana asks to speak freely and alone with Peter. Diana says Agent Creamer told her Neal shouldn’t be set free at his commutation hearing.

Diana says she may be jeopardizing a wonderful career opportunity

Creamer is sending someone the old prison Peters from Cafferty they suspected had codes in them.

Mozzie quotes Gloria Steinem. Mozzie wants a big job. Mozzie says it is risky.

Gordon Taylor’s next score is Yankee Stadium. Neal is intrigued.

Neal is flattered when Mozzie tells home that Gordon Taylor has asked him to be point man.

Peter and Neal go to the Yankee Stadium and look at the museum memorabilia. Championship trophies and retired jerseys.

Peter is lost in nostalgia for the weekend baseball games of yore. Peter sees a bat DiMaggio and he likes. Neal calls it piece of wood. He says great art has discipline and a broader meaning than a bat. Peter says the Joltin’ Joe swing for the fences got the country through the tough times.

Diana is authorized to arrest Mozzie and Neal to make it look real. Diana says no problem and Neal’s backstop is that he is still a person of interest. Neal must audition with Taylor.

Mozzie says it can be a challenge and that Gordon Taylor must play Neal a game of eight ball to qualify for the big job. Taylor plays a killer game with Lord Byron’s 8-ball cue. He makes an impossible shot to close the job and Taylor is impressed. Neal is in.

Peter tells Neal’s ex-girlfriend Sarah about Neal’s commutation hearing. He wants to know if she needs help. Sarah is upset he didn’t tell her before. Sarah says that is where they got tripped up before. She doesn’t need him to protect her from the truth.

Cafferty and Peter discuss that the one trail Diana tracked links Gordon Taylor with the owner of the hotel. The son is an avid collector of the Yankee memorabilia who has made the club several generous offers. He is obviously the client.

After a night of talking with Sarah, Neal shows up at Mrs and Mrs. Suit’s house. Neal finds out from Elle that Peter played pro baseball himself. Peter got to play in the big show for two weeks. Peter got injured and then he had a slider. He said he could continue down this path or follow another path. He would never have made past the FBI physical and caught Neal.

Jones reports that Creamer was looking for the files on Neal and when he was done talking he wasn’t sure if letting Neal loose was a good idea. Taylor puts a scrambler inside the meet which blocks the conversation. Peter is furious. he goes back to the office.

When Diana calls to report Neal and the crew are leaving for the stadium Peter unhappily reports that Creamer and his team are at the offices and he is not invited. Then Sarah shows up. As Neal works invisibly with the robber Peter must listen to Saran tell him she is giving testimony to the commutation board in his favor this time around.

The collector insists his man must come armed along on the heist. Neal and Mozzie start to become alarmed.

Neal thinks his way around this. But Mozzie uses two red sewing stitches on the decoy ball to hide a note for Peter saying when the collector will get the real ball handed off. When Taylor spots it Mozzie say this is how they can tell the balls apart during the switch.

The decoy works the game and steals the ball. Neal hands off the real one to Taylor. Peter finds the note. Peter and Diana and Jones rush the remote parking structure just as the hand-off takes place. Peter asks Mozzie if Neal warned off Taylor. Mozzie says some criminals are simply to smart to get caught and calls Peter a pig.

Diana and Peter bust “Mozzie” for fencing the ball. But Taylor is not there. He meets with Neal overlooking the bust, and says he knows people, and obviously Mozzie let enough vibrations fly to warn Taylor off without overtly saying anything. Peter guesses this is what happened.

Diana is told by Creamer’s agent that the code has been cracked. Peter says this is not good. Neal wrote King notes about the treasure while he was in prison and the FBI has now cracked the code to prove Neal’s longtime subversive actions. (This makes Peter look stupid)

Taylor gives Neal a $160,000 check to settle (everyone always gets paid) and and says fish don’t do well out of water. He hopes this has built up enough goodwill to join Mozzie in France later.

Peter comes by Neal’s place and halts before presenting Neal with the cracked code papers. He does not give them to him or warn him that Creamer has cracked the code. Mr. Withrow has been busted, the club got the ball back, and now Neal has a surprise for him.

Neal gives Peter his rookie card. There is a lot more to Peter Burke than he knew, and he organizes the pitcher’s mound access. Neal holes up behind the catchers mound and Peter Burke is pitching in Yankee Stadium.

Neal asks if he has a shot at commutation. Peter says the things in the past are in the past, and on a day like this forgetting the past is best.

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