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The Vampire Diaries - Break On Through - recap

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Written by : published Friday 23rd March 2012

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Meredith and Ric watch he bridge being rebuilt. Rebekah haunts the bridge remodel. Damon drives up. The Wickery bridge sign was supposed to be readied by Ric, who forgot. Damon is suspicious that Rebekah is getting involved with the mayor. The mayor asks Ric about the bridge sign, and he squirms.

Abby refuses to take any botanical treatment for being turned and walks around scaring Jaime and terrifying Bonnie with her threat to leave. Bonnie shows Caroline how witches are connected to the earth. But Abby cut that tie long ago. Caroline is angry at Jaime for not settling down with a vampire for his mother.

Damon sees Rebekah is up to something. He sees Sage hanging around. He says nobody hangs around Mystic Falls for no reason. Klaus staked the love of her life back in the day. Sage says Rebekah has a pathetic fear of being left alone. Sage says the Damon she knew was holding out for someone too. Damon says true love has gone out of style.

Rebekah does not like Sage hanging around. She makes sure Damon knows how interested/displeased she is. Damon says she likes being mean.

Jaime tries to keep clear of the house. he fears Abby, who can't resolve her white witch past with her vampire present. Caroline keeps babbling about how it wasn't her choice. She lectures Jaime about letting Abby resolve the dilemma. "So just get over yourself".

Elena reads the book on how her ancestor died n the insane asylum. Bonnie isn't returning any of her calls. Abby's transition is leaving Elena out in the cold. Bonnie is asked to put a protection spell on Ric.

Alaric has a lot of anger and psychic killing energy. Elena researches the death of an ancestress in a book. Stefan says she killed herself, a lot like Alaric will, and there is nothing they can do to stop it. Elena notices Stefan drinking much too much canned blood just to survive.

Ric says all his ring stuff started with his being angry enough to think he could take on a vampire in the first place. The doctor girlfriend examines his investigation. Ric says he has to take on the vampires to win.

Damon finds Stefan sublimating and drinking too much blood. Stefan says the next time Damon talks to Elena to leave him out of it. Damon says no problem.

Jaime comes into the house and Abby walks in and stares. They hug and she hungers for his blood. Bonnie barely pulls Abby off Jaime, who cowers bravely. Abby is disgusted.

Sage and Damon lie in wait for Rebekah. Sage has hinted to Damon they can outwit an Original if she can distract her using her weaknesses. As things heat up Rebekah says "What about her?" Damon says "I don't want her I want you". But then Rebekah lies in bed asleep and Damon and Sage meet in the shower for an emergency conference. "I'd rather show you" She transfers via mind telepathy that Rebekah is looking for the second white oak.

A new white oak tree and its powers are needed to replace the old one. Damon is shocked to learn there is another tree. Rebekah has been digging around the records from the mayor and the business archives. Damon says to Sage that she must keep Rebekah distracted while he looks through the archives without Rebekah knowing.

Damon uncovers where the tree has gone, possibly cut down make the Wickery Bridge (explaining its weird capabilities and accidents around it since it was built).

Sage watches a sleeping Rebekah, knowing they have found her weakness.

Bonnie says she needs from Meredith a personal effect of Ric's to do the spell. Elena says to Ric they need something personal he wore before he got the supernatural ring. Ric says he left the wedding ring at the loft. He gives Elena instructions how to find it. She finds Stefan there.

As Stefan advises Elena about how the woman who died in psychic frenzy, Ric wakes to get Nina aloe. With Elena gone, he tries to sedate Nina to get away. Ric says she is a Council member. He asks her is she ever feels remorse. Ric asks her in a creepy way.
"Ignoring your responsibilities and looking the other way."

Ric points out she has vampire blood in her and then lunges for her. Nina runs upstairs but can;t get to the syringes in time. (Ric has emptied them anyway). She runs upstairs and locks herself in the bathroom after stabbing him with the nail scissors.

In 1912 the most valuable wood came from a white oak. All the wood stripped from the underside of that bridge is a weapon that can be used as an original. Sage says that could be a problem for her. But then when Damon makes a promise to protect Finn while Sage helps kill Rebekah, Damon comes into the house to find them both gone.

Damon realizes he has been betrayed into finding where the white oak wood went. He drives to the bridge. Rebekah is burning up all the wood. Sage stands by.

Elena finds Stefan blocking for her at the loft. She looks for Damon's ring. She says she wasn't planning on going up on either of them. Stefan finds something. A list of all Ric's kills. His alter ego has been tracking murders the didn't know about.

Damon rushes to the bridge where Rebekah is burning all the white oak wood. Sage tells Damon he lied to her because all the originals in the family are linked and will die together. But Sage is stunned to earn that Finn volunteered to be the sacrificial for the oath and didn't love her enough to try and survive for her.

Sage says she doesn't believe it and Damon says when the time does come and he kills the Originals he will now make sure Finn comes first. Sage stares stupidly while Damon runs off.

Elena comes home to find Ric. He lies to her and jumps her when he thinks Stefan is gone. But when he lunges for her Stefan puts him out. Upstairs they find Meredith bled out and Stefan cracks his veins so Meredith can drink from his and be healed.

"You're gonna be OK." Elena watches Stefan bring Meredith back to life.

Ric wakes up to find Damon there. He is on house arrest lite with an alter ego trying to kill people. Ric asks where Meredith is and Damon is not so happy.

Elena finds Bonnie brewing more potions. Elena stare sat Bonnie wide eyed and asks if she can ever forgive her. Bonnie hugs her and says Ric must drink the tea twice a day. Elena is not very happy. Later Caroline comes in to find Abby is leaving. Abby is not ding very well. Later Bonnie informs Elena about why Ric is ailing.

"All of the dying and coming back have chipped away at Ric's defenses."

Elena calls Jeremy to catch up. He has gotten a dog and is not flunking any classes. Elena asks if he has heard from Ric lately. Jeremy says no but he has to go.

Damon finds Stefan having an an early toast to "control"? Stefan feels defeated on Damon's behalf. But Damon displays the missing Wickery Bridge sign made out of the original white oak wood, which nobody knows he has. Stefan is stunned, realizing they have a weapon to kill the Originals and that they have no idea about it.

Damon says laughingly "I sold my rage, brother". Stefan stares at the wood.

"Let's go kill some Originals".

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