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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Malice in Wonderland - recap

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Written by : published Friday 23rd March 2012

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The white rabbit and the smiling cat robbed the Alice in Wonderland theme wedding, killing the groom. There was a scuffle. But nobody saw their faces. The bride is dressed as Alice. Her dead bridegroom took Literature of the Absurd class and then they moved in together.

A number of wedding robberies have attacks made in concerted effort. The CSI staff try to match weapons found with injuries. A lot of discipline goes into the perps getting away with nobody seen or heard from of the robbery party. DB determines they had five minutes from the alert to police on the site to get away. After connecting M.O., the targets being so different don't add up.

Hodges gets a surprise visit from his domineering mom (Jaclyn Smith). She wants dinner with Morgan and her father. She says the last time they had dinner he tried to explain divorce over a ice cream cone. She says she will meet for dinner if she gets front of trace-line for a year on cases. He says OK.

They search the car and things made of gold have been filed off or taken. The one ring is one of a kind too high profile to sell. The ideal way to get gold melted down was located. They go to a gold melting place and a man has been found dead with gold poured down his throat. They find one of rings was one of kind. Strange burning smell came from his throat

DB calls the crime scene the land of smoking guns. He was alive when the gold was poured down his throat, soft tissue didn't stand a chance. XRF tests the mettle. DB finds iron pyrite it is not gold but fake gold. Set up to look like a busted partnership.

Morgan and her father sit and make small talk when Hodges does not show up. She says that she practically owns him. Conrad Ackley and Mrs. Hodges meet.

"David is my only child, handsome, and clearly charming". Morgan senior is extremely pleased to meet Hodges' mother (Jaclyn Smith). When the ladies retire he learns a Count is her boyfriend and taking her to Italy. Hodges begins to squirm under th direction her remarks take when he gets back.

"Mother!" Hodges is drawn along as his mother sits down and begins to speak. Morgan tries to play along best she can. She says he shouldn't let a keeper like Morgan get away. So she takes him direct to a jewelery store to pick out a ring.

Nick Stokes cannot figure out how the wedding robbers got away clean. He maps the getaway streets versus the influx of law enforcement vehicles traveling to the crimes. The Wonderland wedding had a tighter net. Nobody saw the getaway car and the main roads were blocked off.

DB researches realizes there is one more hit by day's end. They have been hitting three cities in a row every time. They have one more crack before the gang shuts down and leaves town.

Hodges' mother drags him into a wedding ring shop where one of the robbers works. He is embarrassed and looks at the denture cleaner that the woman says they use to keep the rings shiny. Hodges slowly puts the substance together with his work and tries to tell his mother they have to go. Then they turn to find guns pointed in their faces.

Hodges say they only shoot blanks and then a furious set of shots pierce the bound guards legs and he howls in pain. They have changed their modus operandi.

Hodges and his mother are tied in the back of the Ambulance and they plan on leaving them in the desert. The robbers listen in one the police radios to evade capture. Hodges fakes a fight with his mother and pulls a string on one of them. Morgan uses other frequencies to shut down the routes. They turn a corner and the road fills up with black and white they can't get around.

Later Hodges apologizes to his mother and she says she couldn't be "prouder". The count dumped her. His need to have a bigger office and more responsibility needs to be let go of. But she will accept him and his limitations because she loves him

The CSI team admire the wedding bandits plan. The jewelery store job was the perfect cover. The plan was for her to know all the details of a wedding schedule and the her EMT husband could scout out the best getaway routes.

Julie Finlay (Elizabeth Shue) gets the ring for the Wonderland wedding back into evidence. She returns the ring as Alice concludes a sad and commemorative reading of the "Walrus".

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