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White Collar - Pulling Strings - recap

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Written by : published Friday 23rd March 2012

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Mozzie says they missed a chance to nab a Sargent painting. Mozzie says they are flimflammers slowing down. His primal instincts are being hindered. What if Neal gets commuted? Neal will wear janitorial green. Neal thinks he will get a GS10 and a salary of $45,000. Creamer (Beau Bridges) butts into the office and Sam Elliott guests stars as Elle's father.

Neal says they will supplement his income doing "jobs". But then Peter is threatened by the father-in-law, Sam Elliott, a shrink who stares at him all the time. Peter wears an ugly sweater his mother-in-law made him. Mrs. Suit has intimidating parents.

Mr. Suit (Peter) is going on a holiday weekend with Elle to her parents and needs the office under wraps. He charges Diana with running the office and puts Neal under working orders with his old girlfriend. But Agent Creamer shows up and Jones says he is not breaking into Brian's apartment. Because Sarah has the key.

Sarah Ellis is with Sterling Bausch. her boss, Brian, is working an angle. But at the office Creamer tries to ask if Neal is in trouble. But Sarah is the boss. Neal says to her, "You know he's hoping we'll get back together, right?". Neal says to her but she say Rule #1 is don't date the boss. He says too late. Neal finds out that Sarah dated her other boss too.

The case is a Stradivarius whose theft is imminent. (New York is legal for gay marriage). The Customs list shows it made it to New York. He was detained by Customs in New York. Sarah dated him in Beijing an Neal says she is interested in him as the rebound guy off Neal.

But at the Agency, Diana will get an an engagement ring with Christi will go shopping. But Agent Creamer choose this time to stop by and review all the cases files involving Neal Cafferty. Creamer supposedly told Peter he was coming but Neal is disturbed Peter did not tell him.

Neal discovers there is a stolen Stradivarius possibly stolen by her boss. Neal sees that Brian is putting her entire division at risk. She did not agree on the direction

Agent Creamer (Beau Bridges) threatens Diana over Neal's commutation. Creamer makes a lot of insinuations about Cafferty's effect on the office. Creamer orders all Cafferty's files made available for his review. He is collecting intel for Neal's hearing.

Sarah is so good at the insurance heft research game when she and Neal infiltrates Brian's apartment with a key she lets them get caught as he arrives.

"From the withered tree a flower blooms". Brian accepts that Sarah is there to get back with him. Neal finds some information behind their backs, literally.

"Getting savaged by Customs and my girlfriend bayonets me." Brian does not want to go to the symphony but they saw the tickets. Sarah has mentioned that

"Metal instability is everywhere you look." Elle's father says. Peter writhes under the man's withering stare and sneaks out to the balcony to get Neal to come over and smooth the waters.

Mozzie entertains "Sacred cows make the best hamburger". Neal and Diana need to attend the symphony concert. The security from the symphony is outdated. They find a tape with a woman who is carrying the Stradivarius. Creamer says he is beefing up on the commutation. Creamer says "Keep up the good work Neal we may keep you around". Later Creamer asks Jones if he likes working with Neal. Jones says yes and Creamer suggests Jones say so at his commutation hearing.

June (Diahann Carroll) says the Sumners did not give away their seats. Mozzie makes fake tickets.

"I am Preston Sumner the Third. " Neal talks his way into the concert and Brian recognizes who Neal is as the competition. But later Brian disappears and the man with the Stradivarius.

Mozzie amuses Elle's father with hos anecdotes about Derrida and Abbie Hoffman. Then Peter scuttles Mozzie upstairs and then he realizes the video company sent the wrong couple's DVD mix. This is Elle's birthday present. Peter is under double weight because her parents gave her a creepy doll from her childhood restored.

Jones sees another woman with the violin on the tape. She clearly hands him the violin for another hotel room. Neal, Sarah and the team look for the clue. Brian purposely put himself through customs apart.

But Jones researches what was stolen from the Chinese convention and finds a vendor lost a leading technical wire capable of unknown technical commercial advantages. They realize this is what Brian smuggled through customs as a violin wire.

Sarah says it will put Sterling Bausch on the map. Brian‘s ambition crosses many frontiers.
"Do you want to work for China or be China?" But as Diana and Neal, listen Sarah plays her last card. Brian is tempted to reveal all. Sarah kisses him.

"If you has kissed me half as passionately as you looked at Cafferty, I might have believed you." Brian realizes he is being played. He tries to force the string off Sarah but Diana comes in and closes the case. He planted the string on the violin as a fake. The instrumentalist detected something was wrong and Brian killed him.

Peter surprises Elle with a custom made flip book Mozzie makes from pictures scanned at the last minute. Alan and her mother are enthused. Satchmo grabs the doll and runs off with it and buries it. Peter has a nice birthday with Elle and her parents (and Mozzie).

Diana says "You won't find anything!" Creamer says to Diana he thinks they need to talk about Neal's commutation. Creamer believes the Agency staff has turned a blind eye to Neal's secrets.

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