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Ringer - That Woman's Never Been a Victim Her Entire Life - recap

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Written by : published Friday 23rd March 2012

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Andrew is shot and Bridget screams. Agent Machado goes chasing down the fire escape and he he chases a small lone figure in back down the alley. The smallish individual turns around but then a club gets out and suddenly dozens of people are in the alley. The masked person runs off and Agent Machado chases through the crowd. The figure runs and scales the fence.

Machado pulls something from the pocket of the climber before falling off the spikes. Machado blinks and then sees the item is a folded picture of a tarot card of the Tower. Meanwhile Bridget has confided in Solomon she is not in fact Siobhan, because he had guessed.

Agent Machado analyzes the card next day in his office. Symbolism failures or opposing sides. Dualism or opposing sides. They believe that Malcolm has fled to Canada. They track Tyler being killed. They wonder about Martin Charles. Machado can't understand why the SEC fails to notice the body count at Martin Charles as significant.

Machado wonders why the hitman was carrying the tarot card. He also wonders why the SEC is putting the case on the back burners and it isn't warranted by racking up the body count. Bridget sits in the hospital's office. Juliet comes running and Bridget tells her what happened. Juliet panics at the idea Andrew might die.

Juliet calls Henry and tells him what happened. Henry shows up and asks Bridget who would want to shoot her. Bridget gets the news that Andrew got the bullet removed safely. She and Henry embrace.

Henry sees that Andrew has changed his mind if he ever intended killing Siobhan. He is mindful of the emotion between Bridget and Andrew. He asks how can that be if Andrew is so intent on killing her, as she has claimed to him all along.

"Somehow my bitch sister made him fall in love with her". Siobhan says. Henry is repulsed.

Henry suspects that Siobhan put out the hit and she has been trying to frame Bridget/Andrew for her all along. "I think you're a liar and a sociopath".

Siobhan says she has been doing everything for their children. Henry scoffs and says they probably aren't even his. Henry tells Siobhan to get out of his house. She is stunned.

Andrew comes to after surgery, and Bridget says she is coming home. She calls him Superman.

"Why were you at Malcolm's hotel room the other night?" Bridget asks. Andrew says Olivia was worried Malcolm knew too much. She wanted to bribe him to keep quiet. She shouldn't have listened to her. He might try to take down the company. Andrew says he took the money to start a new life.

Bridget admits to killing the man whose body disappeared. Andrew is shocked. She asks about Olivia.
"Someone is killing to keep your secret." Bridget sets it up...
"Then if it isn't you...." then Olivia's behind this." Andrew finishes.

Henry picks up the boys at Tim's house. Henry says that family is what's important. Henry says he should pull all his money from Martin Charles.

Agent Machado asks to see Andrew. He wants to know why he saw Malcolm. Bridget is shocked to learn he was finally ready to testify to what Boddaway Macawai did. Machado leaves but then Bridget insists to Andrew they have to find where Olivia is. (Bridget wants to get Malcolm back to get him to testify). Andrew says she is no victim.

Agent Machado gets to Olivia's apartment just as he leaves. He sees the lock has been opened without a key and they enter with draw guns. The tarot card was from a dry cleaners owned by Renny Osterman.

Juliet comes to the hospital room where her mother is. Andrew says they have decided to go to Miami. Andrew says they are only thinking of her best interests. Juliet is unhappy the way things have worked out. She says to her mother after what she did to Tessa she will ever trust her again.

Juliet's mother is shocked she acts this way. She says they are finally getting free of the vampires Andrew and Bridget and Andrew is even selling the loft. She pursues Juliet down a hospital corridor and says the are bonded forever and so they can get matching convertibles and drive them off the lot and go shopping in Coral Gables and Bal Harbour.

Juliet pack clothes for Miami and says to Bridget that she call her collateral damage. her mother comes to get her and she tell Bridget to lose her number. Then she asks her mother if she can go to school to let her say goodbye to some friends.

Siobhan calls Henry from the call and says that she lied and but not about loving him. She says she is going to show up at the hospital to clear up the lies. She says she never hired anyone to kill Bridget. Henry gets her message. He goes rushing to the hospital.

Agent Machado comes by the dry cleaner and say she is looking for Remy Osterman. Agent Machado can't get any information. He gets back into his car demanding any kind of records about the employees working at the dry cleaners.

Henry comes running into the hospital room. Henry says she is not the only one who is hiding things. (they are both wearing the same black coat by chance). Andrew is trying to get his clothes on. Bridget objects but Andrew says Katharine just called. Juliet has gone missing.

But when Bridget hears the address of the school they realize this is the number scribbled on the pad liberated from Olivia's apartment.

Bridget figures out that Juliet went to the beach house because she had mentioned it and packed warm clothing for Miami in spring. Bridget drives here. Juliet does not want to go with her mother and then she confesses the thing about the scam. Bridget says too much of what she has done has hurt people. They return, as Andrew is amazed. Bridget sends Juliet to her room.

Machado finds out that the dry cleaners has had many indictments handed down but nothing to make it stick. The dead body in the park is not Malcolm but another man, one of Boddaway's lieutenants. Andrew does not understand why he should be shooting at "Siobhan" but Bridget is told by Machado maybe the Boddaway force don't know she has a twin sister.

Henry confesses to Siobhan that he met and talked with Tyler in his hotel and wanted the flash drive. Henry and Tyler both figured out that Siobhan had been using them and they fought over the flash drive and Henry killed him by accident.

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