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Ringer - What We Have Is Worth the Pain - recap

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Written by : published Friday 23rd March 2012

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Henry tells Siobhan in Paris that Tyler is dead. She says Andrew and Olivia must have done it. She flashes back to six months earlier when she was fighting with Andrew about the Ponzi scheme.

Siobhan throws Wesson Accounting in his face. He says he will kill her. He says to Siobhan "I'll kill you. I mean it Siobhan I'll see you dead".

She hired a private investigator to follow her. Siobhan tells Henry that in the two days before she switched places with her sister the man was caught. Pictures of her were all over the apartment.

The flash drive is a fake. Olivia is distraught, but Siobhan says that they killed Tyler for the flash drive.

Who else knew why Tyler was really here. Andrew says Malcolm but Olivia says no. She suggests Siobhan. Andrew says Siobhan is not a corporate spy. If Siobhan has Tyler's flash drive you better deal with her, severely.

Bridget searches the closet at her apartment. Andrew asks her what she is looking for. Andrew says Tyler Barrett was murdered today in the Soho Diamond.

"Did you hear what I said? You're in over your head. The two of you were planning to turn me into the SEC.

"I don't know what you're taking about."

"You're not going anywhere until you answer the question. Where is the flash drive? Don't play dumb with me I want the truth".

Solomon says did she get it but Bridget says the phone is gone. Without that phone she has no insurance policy.

Agent Machado teases Boddaway about his club being used as a dogie day care when he gets put in jail. (Machado thinks Malcolm is waiting). Boddaway stares after him as he drives away.

Bridget uses the reverse GPS on the phone to find Malcolm. Solomon and she go into a drug den. A man attacks Bridget for money but Solomon beats him off.

Juliet wanders through the apartment and Andrew finds Juliet on his hands. Then Katherine gives Juliet earrings for the renewal ceremony. She is very interested why Siobhan and Andrew aren't getting along.

Bridget and Solomon go searching in drug dens thinking Malcolm is using again. Someone else has his phone. Machado meanwhile has gone crazy looking for Malcolm Ward. He goes to Martin Charles and talks to Olivia and Andrew, then tries to get security footage to his doorway.

Bridget and Solomon already have it. They watch the video feed. They see Andrew was the last one to see Malcolm. Machado wonders how Andrew is involved.

Siobhan says to Henry that she slept with Tyler as a necessary evil. Henry explodes and tries to throw her out. But Siobhan has an explanation.
"Bridget killed my son."

Machado wonders where it will end. His witness has disappeared. NYPD says a Martin Charles employee found dead was a whistle-blower with SEC immunity.

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