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Unforgettable - The Comeback - recap

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Written by : published Thursday 22nd March 2012

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Carrie and Al are on their way to a gala event when they are called to a murder scene. Kayla Yancy, a black female tennis player, has been shot and robbed. The tennis bracelet is missing. Her purse is missing but due to the security footage Carrie thinks she knew her shooter.

Carrie meets a man at the gala who uses two phrases exactly from the killer "Fred". "I am pleased to have so accomplished a partner". Walter Morgan lets another phrase drop; "Don't let it go to your head". "Be seeing you some time, Carrie". She hears the voice again.

A black sedan was seen at the Kayla murder scene. But her earnings in the last years don't validate a stunning diamond bracelet. Carrie does not think it is a robbery homicide. They research the tennis players and what secrets the women have to hide.

Carrie finds out that the man she resonated with is a law partner with a midtown law office. Carrie calls the man, Walter Morgan, and his secretary says he is at the zoo. Carrie tracks him there where he speaks to her in asides and roundabout hints.

Al says no solo crusades, no hotshot out on her own. Al says he saw her try to ride her sister's murder case herself. They visit a party girl in the tennis circle who knew Kayla. Another girl is getting money from the trust. Carrie says she knows about the little green pills.

Carrie forces her to tell. They were partying at their hotel. A VIP was high and drove them onto the balcony. He vacuumed up the Coke and when the press arrived they jumped out the hotel window. That's how Kayla injured her ankle.

"They paid us to keep it a secret." He got away clean, a lawyer showed up the next day, they signed everything.

Reed Benedict is the next Senator and Congressman a family man. he is the VIP. Kayla was not in a position to say no.

Reed Benedict skirted trouble and a lot of charges over the years. Nothing seems to stick but at the same time Kayla's career died Reed's was growing. A fixer has been busy for years. There is a law firm with 300 plus partners that shares the same address as Eastern Associated Trust.

Carrie flashes back to her conversation with Morgan as a player in the big midtown law firm. Carrie remembers the Zoo meeting at the park bench. When the lawyer leaned forward the plaque was visible "A gift from the Hedstrom family" He says as he does this "The big always get away with it". These are oblique hints. A trust fund was paying for Kayla's expenses.

Carrie is called away to a scene and finds a man staggering from a motel room and he falls dead. This is Troy, Kayla's boyfriend. They find drug paraphernalia and it turns out he supplied the tennis players. But the autopsy shows Kayla's tennis career was over due to a past injury. They research the nature of this injury. It is the balcony leap.

The midtown law firm is a mail drop for the trust funds funding the tennis playing girls. Carrie scans the partner list and sees the Hedstrom name. Carrie says "Jonathan Hedstrom, he's our guy."

The Troy crime scene is the cleanest thing anyone has ever seen. Carrie remembers what the lawyer said "Sea Lions leave no trace they were ever there".

Next day Al calls her into his office. He just got a call from Corruption task force about the earnings and expenditures. He asks about her gambling. Her mafia boyfriend. He says if one of her prints shows up in some underground gambling place he is the one that has to make it go away."

Al says they are all getting a bigger profile. He says he will stay out of it but he can't speak for the Commission. Carrie says that he sounds more worried about his star detective not being Mother Teresa and not getting invited to downtown affairs with fat cats and City Hall.

Carrie is excited she is getting to Hedstrom because this means the fix is in.

"We're a team here and believe it or not we like to think you have our back". Al says.

Carrie responds by charging into the law offices of Hedstrom and interrupting his meeting. He says calmly, "Would it be the worst thing for you to take a break."

They prep the case but then the other female tennis player, Elle Zimmer, is gone. She will be in Dubai and Morocco and unavailable for further comment.

Carrie is angry at Hedstrom for his fixing and says that she is going to take him down. His background is as a Navy SEAL and he graduated from Fordham University. Al wants to know how Carrie tipped to the Hedstrom guy. She evades him. They go into deposition.

Carrie asks about the coke incident. The lawyer says ‘let's move on." Reed Benedict says he knew Kayla and he was with a doctor during the murder. Carrie says that the fixer is in so they must be circling the wagons. "I'll fix him, you bastard". Al pulls her back. Carrie jumps in Hedstrom's face.

‘You are messing with the wrong person". She says. "Look over your shoulder, and I am not going to stop until I take you down.

"I have dealt with adversaries more capable than you." Hedstrom snarls.

"No, you haven't" she says.

Back at HQ, they run the case. Carrie says if Benedict was covered by an alibi, why is Hedstrom still sweating the details? Hedstrom's gotta be worried that someone close to Benedict was threatened and caught in the cross fire.

Carrie remembers the press conference and the wife saying she would do anything to help her husband win. Security cameras find her leaving at the time of the murder. Carrie says that possibly the bracelet was not Benedict's to her, but the wife's.

They find that Molly Benedict had a stress disorder a mental breakdown and she obtained a gun license months ago. They show up on the courthouse steps to stop the Benedicts after a photo op.

"Maybe you can explain how a bracelet you wore to the Met opening last month was beside a dead woman in Queens.? ? Benedict is shocked when he realizes his wife was behind the killing. Carrie arrests Molly for the murder of Kayla.

In custody, Molly confesses. She allocates to the murder. Molly describes how the blackmail attempt turned sour. She met her that night not for a payoff but for a murder. "I couldn't let her talk. I couldn't let her tell anyone". Kayla saw the gun and it was too late to back down and out so Molly fired.

But Molly won't flip on Hedstrom and denies killing Troy.

But with the fix in, what judge will OK a court order to search Jonathan Hedstrom's premises? Carrie remembers the judge she met introduced by Morgan at the gala. Leo Silverman was beat by the Benedict political machine decades back for the House seat. He will gladly execute the search warrant.

Carrie strides into Hedstrom's office and arrests him. They got the gun used to kill the boyfriend Troy inside Hedstrom's safety deposit box. He had Molly's bracelet and gun there too.

At the precinct Carrie stops by Al's office for a quiet word. She confesses she has been in touch with Fred. But she had to be sure.

Al says "He is playing you. That's what he does." Carrie realizes he is right. She engineers a meeting.

Morgan steps around warily.

He is on the charity board with Molly Benedict. They made friends and she confided in him. Molly asked for thoughts on her husband's political career. Carrie accuse Fred of predatory maliciousness. He says they could be friends but Carrie says not a chance.

"I can help you find Rachel's Killer". Carrie sees this scrawled on the Penguin House, at the small zoo the man references.

Carrie is shocked and Al comes forward but when he asks what she saw she says "nothing definitive".

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